Religious Right leader says Sikh temple shooter was a liberal


Bryan Fischer (above) of the American Family Association has long been one of our favorite wingnuts. Nobody, but nobody, can top him for ridiculous rhetoric.

Examples of such are too numerous to count, but here are a few:

Fischer, ever the manly man,  once said that the Medal of Honor has been “feminized” because “we now award it only for preventing casualties, not for inflicting them.”

He argues that sexual orientation is “always, always, always a matter of choice,” despite evidence to the contrary.

He’s predicably opposed to what he calls the “morally and intellectually bankrupt theory of  evolution.”

He says Barack Obama “despises the Constitution… nurtures a hatred for the white man”, and aims to “destroy capitalism.”

And now Fischer is SAYING that Wade Michael Page, the guy who shot a bunch of people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin the other day, was “a liberal.”

The truth, of course, is that Page was a right-wing extremist, which Fischer apparently finds much too embarrassing.



  1. Right wing extremist, left wing extremist, they are all nuts.

    Was the crazy shooter a liberal? No, but he surely wasn’t conservative either. He was mentally ill, either or both but to try and draw a tragedy such as this into the political arena is crazy to0.

  2. Oops, it was supposed to say ” He was mentally ill, evil or both but to try and draw a tragedy such as this into the political arena is crazy to0.”

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