This guy says Romney has little choice but to pick Ryan

As I noted HERE just yesterday, I think it would be foolish for Mitt Romney to select Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate on this year’s Republican presidential ticket.

But Jonathan Chait ARGUES that the pressure in favor of Ryan is becoming almost irresistible:

At this point, joining Ryan to the ticket would be a huge gamble. Romney would be tapping into Ryan’s immense political talent, but giving up on his win-by-default strategy that has taken a beating but might look good again if, say, some international disaster craters the recovery between now and November. In any case, the conservative drumbeat for Ryan has grown so overwhelming that it’s no longer even clear that Romney could turn Ryan down for an Incredibly Boring White Guy, even if he wants to. The Republican Party belongs to Ryan.




  1. Neftali

    I tend to agree with this Salon analysis that compares a pick of Paul Ryan similar to Bob Dole picking Jack Kemp. (I always admired Kemp, even in my High School years as a Democratic supporter. )

    “The case for going with Romney is essentially the same as the case for Dole embracing supply-side and teaming up with Kemp back in ’96 – reassure and motivate a party base that’s apprehensive and suspicious and wake up the rest of the country by running on a Big Idea with a “bold” running-mate.”


  2. I agree. To me, with the exception of Marco Rubio, any other pick is going to be disappointing.

    Most analysis that I have seen postulates that picking Ryan would attract political fire from the left. Because Romney has endorsed much of Ryan’s plan and the left fears Paul Ryan, Romney will attract that kind of political fire whether or not he picks Ryan.

    Ryan is smart, a good politician and not afraid to defend his viewpoint. You might as well let him be the lightning rod for his own plan as well as pursuing the usual Vice Presidential candidate roll of being the more aggressive campainger.

    Besides, I can’t wait to see a Ryan v Biden debate.

  3. As we know, President Dole and Vice President Kemp led our country to a period of unprecedented economic growth and prosperity. Oh, wait. . .

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