In choosing Ryan as his running mate, Romney decides to reach for a proverbial shiny object

There are times in the life of every political pundit when having been wrong about one thing or another is a happy occasion. Such is the case with my having been wrong about Mitt Romney’s choice for his running mate.

Just the other day, I argued HERE that the nod would not go to Rep. Paul Ryan — mainly because Democrats would welcome it. I even held steady on that point when I reported HERE yesterday afternoon that pressure on Romney to choose Ryan was becoming intense.

And now, as you’ve learned this morning, Romney has bowed to that pressure.

So, just about everyone is happy. The Republican base likes the Ryan choice. Democrats like it, too. And I’m glad to have been wrong about the matter.

John Harris and Mike Allen of Politico offer THIS ANALYSIS of Romney’s choice:

In making Paul Ryan his running mate, Mitt Romney is discarding one of the most basic assumptions that has driven his campaign until now: Make the race about President Barack Obama, and Republicans will win back the White House.

Don’t worry about being accused of being empty, or even demagogic, went the theory of the case in Boston: The more specific Romney’s campaign, the more chance voters will be distracted from a simple referendum on the Obama economy. Run out the clock, come off as at least vaguely credible, and don’t lunge for shiny objects that take you off-message.

In selecting the 42-year-old House member from Wisconsin, a man identified with some of the most polarizing policy ideas in the Republican party, Romney has lunged for a shiny object in about the most dramatic way possible.

In this case, the shiny object ­is a sharply pointed weapon: the choice will instantly infuse a sullen, content-free contest with new energy and ideas but it’s just as likely to lacerate Romney by handing Democrats a fresh line of attack.



  1. Neftali

    John Harris and Mike Allen couldn’t be more wrong. Barack Obama’s likeability remains high. The more Republicans make it about him, the greater chance for personal scathing remarks, which only hurt them last time. No more Bill Ayers or Jeremiah Wright talk.

    The selection of Paul Ryan makes it about issues. Debate about Ryan’s plan becomes center stage, as it should. Debate is now focused on ObamaCare. Debate is now (finally) about the stuff that really matters.

    Should be a fun 3 months until election day.

  2. Not. Even. Close.

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