Remember when Paul Ryan tried to disown his longtime philosophical idol, Ayn Rand?

In response to a previous Applesauce post today, one of our commenters quotes Paul Ryan as claiming that he “rejects” the views of Ayn Rand, the late novelist, atheist and crackpot philosopher.

Ryan says widespread accounts of his devotion to Rand’s philosophies are just an “urban legend.”

But that’s not true. Ryan’s cult-like admiration for Rand was made amply clear in the following video which I LINKED TO MONTHS AGO when Ryan disavowed any admiration for Rand. (But, of course, I was wrong to suggest in that post that Ryan’s Ayn Rand thing would preclude any vice-presidential candidacy for him.)

Take special note of the part in this video where they play an audio recording of Ryan delivering the keynote speech at a convention of Ayn Rand fanatics.