Here’s why Democrats are happy with the Ryan choice

Looking back on it, I think the principal reason why I scoffed for months at the notion that Mitt Romney might choose Paul Ryan as his running mate was that I couldn’t even hope that our side would get so lucky.

I took for granted that Romney’s advisers recognized the enormous political danger in making such a choice — and I’ve read that such was exactly the case with some advisers who opposed the Mittster’s eventual choice. Even now, I can hardly believe that these people were overruled.

E.J. Dionne has some other WORTHY SLANTS on the political fallout from the Ryan choice:

There is the idea of having Paul Ryan on the Republican ticket, and then there is the reality.

If conservative ideologues are over the moon at having their favorite conviction politician as Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate, many Republican professionals — particularly those running this fall — are petrified. They freely express private fears that Democrats will succeed in Ryanizing the entire GOP.

What’s striking is not just that down-ballot Republican candidates are distancing themselves from Ryan’s proposals, particularly on Medicare, but that Romney won’t take ownership of them either, except in vague terms. Worse, the Romney apparatus is forcing Ryan to distance himself from his own budget. It was sad to watch Ryan dancing around these issues on Fox News Tuesday night and having to say that Romney is the boss. How long before conservatives start producing “Let Ryan Be Ryan” bumper stickers?




  1. It is so hard to dance around demagoguery.

    It’s probably alot like swimming in stool.

  2. And Ryan never asked for or received any stimulus money. Hahahahahahahaha

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