Is this why Mitt loves Paul?

This snarky bit of campaign advertising comes from Priorities USA Action, a pro-Obama Super Pac.





  1. Naw.

    I think he loves him because he actually has a real budget that will increase economic growth, which is the only way to increase federal revenue and he also has a plan to save Medicare.

    I love him too.

  2. I don’t know why Mitt loves Paul.

    I don’t think this woman loves Mitt though. Liberals are so nice and loving.

    The Appleton Post-Crescent has just posted video of an incident on Friday in which an anti-Romney protester is seen disrupting an appearance by State Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills).

    In the video, Darling is talking at the event near Appleton when the protester interrupts and attempts to ask a question: “Why are you against Planned Parenthood?”

    When the protester is asked to wait, the protester spits on another woman.

  3. I also thiknow that the former loving liberal Democrats are no longer tolerant of dissension in their ranks. So much for the big tent.


    A little-noticed liberal group made a big impact in Tuesday’s Democratic legislative primaries in Milwaukee, ousting two longtime incumbents with attacks on their left and likely ensuring that no strongly anti-abortion Democrats will remain in the Legislature when it returns next year.

    Wisconsin Progress easily won its targeted races with candidates it had helped recruit and train, with law student Daniel Riemer crushing Rep. Peggy Krusick, a three-decade veteran Democrat from Milwaukee, and community organizer Mandela Barnes stunning Rep. Jason Fields, who had served for eight years.

    Another candidate backed by the group, Milwaukee County Supervisor Nikiya Harris, also won her Democratic primary for the state Senate. In Democratic Milwaukee these three primary victories essentially mean all three candidates will also win the general election.

    The victories put in place Democrats who will stand with others in their party in opposing voucher schools in favor of public schools and supporting abortion rights, said Scott Spector, a former labor official who is now the executive director of Wisconsin Progress.

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