A delicious theory on why Romney is hiding his tax returns

M.S. Bellows Jr. of the British paper The Guardian wonders if Mitt Romney’s reluctance to disclose more of his tax returns centers on something as simple as an ADDRESS:

Many (many, many, many, many, many) theories have been advanced to explain why Romney keeps refusing to produce any returns prior to 2010, ranging from “voters might learn he’s wealthy” (which voters already know) to “he underpaid his church tithe” (doubtful).

None of them is really satisfactory, because none of them posits Romney concealing any facts more harmful than the blowback he is getting for not producing more returns. The problem may be that all of the prominent theories (with a couple of under-noticed exceptions) assume Romney is trying to conceal facts about his finances. Like the purloined letter pinned prominently in plain sight, what Romney’s really hiding might be something more mundane: the home address written on the top of the tax form. That address that might reveal a connection between the “tax returns” brouhaha and the “voter fraud” fizzle – which may be the strongest explanation of all. Here’s why.

Tax returns require taxpayers to state their residence address, and the Romney returns already produced, although partially redacted, state clearly that they lived in “Belmont, MA 02478” in 2012 (tax year 2011) and 2011 (tax year 2010).

But the Romneys, arbitrarily, refuse to disclose a copy of the returns they filed in 2010 or 2009 (for tax years 2009 and 2008) – which, perhaps not coincidentally, bracket the time period when Romney allegedly committed fraud by voting in Massachusetts when he actually resided in California. So here’s the question: did Romney put his son’s basement’s address on the returns he filed in 2009 and 2010? Or did he truthfully use his real (non-Massachusetts) address, thus implicating himself in voter fraud?

This may seem like overmeticulous wonkishness, but the address given on tax returns is a big deal when it comes to proving voter fraud.



  1. Truth About Reality

    I wonder when Barack Obama will be asked for his college transcripts? What does he have to hide.

  2. The fact that Willard has so many homes it’s apparent that he forgot which one was his primary residence. Just an honest mistake that afflicts many aristocrats.

  3. Mimi_zipzip

    I believe this is a valid premise as to why he won’t open up the returns. With the Republican
    furiously trying to show vote fraud, it would just be the absolute end, if it turned out their candidate had committed vote fraud. I believe this theory. After all, we all know he has money in the Carribean and in Swiss acounts and that he is extremely wealthy…those facts are almost at the
    “Hho-hum” level. But vote fraud….wow! They would have finally found a case of it and it wouldn’t be pretty.

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