Seven reasons why Romney-Ryan Medicare plan won’t work

The headers on these seven items don’t do justice to Joshua Holland’s piece. Read the whole thing HERE:

1. The Big Lie.

2. The Inescapable Reality.

3. Yes, The Ryan Plan Does Hurt Current Retirees.

4. Another Big Problem for Romney: Ryan’s Specificity.

5. It Will be Hard to Have Their Cake and Eat It Too.

6. Issue Ownership.

7. Context: Mitt’s 1% Tax Bill Problem.



  1. Obama’s doesn’t either! So I guess we are all doomed! But I think I would take a chance on the Ryan plan versus Obama’s anyday!

  2. I can imagine what the Pinnochio twins Medicare plan will morph into, if the Republicans get control of the government. In fact I shudder to think what they will do to it, before it is signed into law.

  3. The RR plan is all syle and no substance.

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