Newsweek cover story dissing Obama ignites firestorm of snarky blowback

The cover story in the current edition of Newsweek magazine (the print edition of which is said to be an endangered species, by the way) is a screed against the presidency of Barack Obama by Niall Ferguson, a right-wing British historian and professor at Harvard University.

The two most remarkable things about this are these:

1. The very idea of such a cover story must be terribly confusing to folks who consider Newsweek part of the dreaded mainstream liberal media.

2. Ferguson’s piece has been met with nasty reaction from numerous quarters. The best of these are THIS PIECE from Kevin Drum and THIS LONGER ARGUMENT from James Fallows.

Read them both. They’re worth your time.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Greg Mitchell offers a ROUNDUP of these and other reactions to Ferguson’s article.

UPDATE II: It says HERE that Newsweek did not subject Ferguson’s piece to traditional fact-checking.



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