Weird conspiracy theory: Libs cook up fake poll to make GOP wingnut look like a viable candidate

At this writing, Rep. Todd Akin (above) REMAINS the Republican challenger to incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri — despite pressure from certain GOP leaders for him to get out of race in the wake of his now-infamous remarks about “legitimate rape.”

And in a strange turn of events, right-wing blogger Paul Mirengoff, among others, is SUGGESTING that a bogus poll conducted by a Democratic outfit has encouraged Akin to hang tough:

A PPP poll, taken after Todd Akin’s infamous comment about rape, puts him in a virtual tie with Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in the Missouri Senate race. According to that poll, Akin leads McCaskill by 44-43. That’s the same margin by which he led the Senator in PPP’s most recent previous poll, which found Akin ahead by 45-44.

Akin can cite this poll as a reason to remain in the race. After all, it purports to show that his offensive comment hasn’t changed the race at all.

Unfortunately, that finding is absurd. Moreover, it comes from a flawed poll. As Ed Morrissey points out, PPP significantly oversampled Republicans. Republicans made up 39 percent of those surveyed; Democrats were only 30 percent. Ed notes that even in the 2010 election, exit polls showed the GOP with only a 37-34 percent advantage.

PPP is a Democratic polling company that partners with the leftist outfit The Daily Kos. Typically, it’s polls do not significantly oversample Republicans.