Here’s how sensible conservatives could improve the GOP

Noah Kristula-Green WRITES of conversations he’s had with noted conservative pundit David Frum:

At times, talking with David about the GOP felt like talking about a Republican Party that had yet to be brought into existence.

Instead of just bemoaning the latest ridiculous comment from talk radio, a lot of time was spent discussing what conservatism could and should be.

Why couldn’t the Republicans and conservatives…

–Embrace gay marriage with the same enthusiasm as David Cameron? (“I don’t support gay marriage in spite of being a conservative. I support gay marriage because I am a conservative.”)

–Have a Values Voter Summit be about all voters of faith and not merely be an Evangelical Christian convention?

–Would it really be so hard for the GOP to renounce Austrian economics and support monetary stimulus in an emergency? (As Milton Friedman would have done.)

–Could the pro-life movement change priorities from criminalizing abortion to working to find effective ways to disincentivize it?

–Can Republicans acknowledge that a Tax Credit is just as bad as a subsidy?

–Can Republicans learn how to do the effective ethnic outreach needed to win minority groups in elections? If even Canadians could learn how to do this…

–And is it so hard to admit that Fox News is clearly produced with an eye towards the geriatric population and that it doesn’t do a good job of speaking to Americans who are not yet 50?


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