At GOP convention, Ann Romney’s good speech offset by Chris Christie’s self-serving me-note address

Would-be First Lady Ann Romney hit a home run with her speech last night at the Republican National Convention, but the charms of her remarks about life with Mitt and their family were obscured by what followed — a self-centered bit of oratory from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

The GOP cause would have been better served if the order of these two speeches had been reversed, with the evening ending on the heartfelt notes sounded by Mrs. Romney rather than on Christie’s celebration of himself.

Christie was 17 minutes into his speech — more than halfway — before he got around to mentioning the party’s new presidential nominee. He referred to Mitt Romney by name only seven times but used the word “I” 32 times.

No wonder Mitt SEEMED DISTRESSED during Christie’s speech.

And no wonder that Christie’s first stop after his speech was a visit to the New Hampshire delegation, whose state will hold the first primary election in the presidential race of 2016. He apparently figures there will be no second term for Romney and probably not even a first term (see HERE).



  1. Neftali

    Best part of Christie’s speech:

    “They believe in teacher’s unions.

    We believe in teachers.”

  2. I couldn’t agree more.

  3. donald silva

    We now know that Christie’s ego matches his girth. Just as President Taft helped to defeat his mentor, Teddy Roosevelt, Christie’s self-serving ways will handicap Romney. It would be better to leave him stuck in a bathtub.

  4. Well Juan Williams thought Ann came off as a corporate wife, but compare that opinion to one he had of Teresa Heinz Kerry back in 2004. No mention of anything of the sort.

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