Here’s how the Romney campaign is playing the race card

Ron Fournier BLOWS THE WHISTLE on Mitt Romney’s cynical use of a political dog whistle in a blatantly dishonest campaign ad that says President Obama has rescinded work requirements for welfare recipients:

Working-class whites…are already more prosperous and secure than working-class minorities, but they’re less optimistic because they don’t believe they’re climbing anymore. They’re simply trying to hold on to what they’ve got, and see others grabbing at it.

Thanks to Romney, they see minorities grabbing at their way of life every day and all day in the inaccurate welfare ad. It opens with a picture of Bill Clinton…signing the 1996 welfare reform act, which shifted the benefits from indefinite government assistance to one pushing people into employment and self-reliance.

A leather-gloved white laborer wipes sweat from his forehead. “But on July 12,” the ad intones,” President Obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. Under Obama’s plan, you wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job. They just send your welfare check and “welfare to work” goes back to being plain old welfare.”


Sweaty White Laborer = That’s Me!

“You Wouldn’t Have to Work” = Blacks Wouldn’t Have to Work

“They Just Send Your Welfare Check …” = They Just Give Your Pay Away to Lazy Blacks

“Plain Old Welfare” = Remember Those Welfare Queens? They’re Back.

Before explaining why these tactics work (and why Romney’s team knows, or should know, they are playing the race card), let’s quickly deal with this fact: The ad is wrong. As countless impartial fact-checkers have noted, the Obama administration memo cited by the Romney team actually gives states flexibility to find better ways of getting welfare recipients into jobs.

Why ignore fact-checkers? First, internal GOP polling and focus groups offer convincing evidence that the welfare ad is hurting Obama.  Second, the welfare issue, generally speaking, triggers anger in white blue-collar voters that is easily directed toward Democrats. This information comes from senior GOP strategists who have worked both for President Bush and Romney. They spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid retribution.

There’s more on this matter HERE:

The recent claims by Mitt Romney’s campaign about President Obama’s welfare-to-work program have been awarded the top dishonesty rating of “four Pinocchios” from the Washington Post and called “wrong” by CNN, a “pants on fire” lie by the Pulitzer Prize-winning Politifact and “simply not true” by Factcheck.org.


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  1. Looks to me like Ron Fournier is the racistm by his standard everything that comes out of a conservatives mouth is racist.

    “Early on during the convention coverage last night, NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent, Chuck Todd and his goatee, roamed the floor of the convention hall to reassure MSNBC viewers that the only reason people of color were showing up on their television screens was due to the fact that the GOP strategically placed non-white convention-goers for maximum camera advantage.

    In other words, Todd and his goatee told the audience that non-white convention-goers were nothing more than tokens.

    Chuck Todd is nothing if not a helluva race-baiting shill for Obama.

    Then NBC did something truly amazing….

    No, really; it was truly amazing….

    Not one speech by a person of color was broadcast on MSNBC.

    Not a single one.

    Not even Artur Davis, and his speech was a very big deal.

    Some media apologists are claiming Fox News also didn’t air these speeches, but Fox did air Davis’s speech.

    And that’s a distinction with a big difference. There is no excuse for not airing the Davis speech — only a desperate political agenda.

    Yep, when it comes to airing GOP convention speeches, the NBC policy is “Whites Only.”

    Some call that racism. ”


    “Tipster Says Tom Brokaw Used Condi Speech To Talk About ‘Birthers’

    Email: Right after Condoleezza Rice’s speech Tom Brokaw on NBC took her comment “it doesn’t matter where you came from but where you’re going” and actually tried to tied it to the “birther theory.”

    A sign of desperation?

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