Republican convention theme at odds with Romney’s record at Bain Capital

This campaign ad from the Democratic National Committee mocks the “We Built This” theme of the Tampa doings where Mitt Romney has been named the GOP presidential nominee.





  1. I watched last night and the lack of diversity was shocking, definitely the party of white

  2. You should have watched the C-span feed.

  3. You should also read this commentary from the CNN website.


    Demagoguery is the temptation for both camps and seems preferred by most of their hired guns and super PAC supporters. But they don’t have to rule the day. A top Democratic donor friend of mine, former Loral Space & Communications chief executive Bernard Schwartz, sees an alternative approach. “I see an opportunity,” he told me, “for the two candidates to present their adversarial cases as best they know how on the basis of principles rather than irrelevancies like how many years of tax disclosure has been made.”

    He went on to add, “Let’s view this selection of Ryan as the beginning of the development of a true Republican national viewpoint and let’s view it as a challenge to President Obama to stop going after Romney personally and to speak to the core issues. Both sides have to have the courage to own their ideas, defend them and make the case for the sacrifices any serious approach will entail. This could help elevate that and the debate and give the American people the kind of true choice they deserve right now.”‘

    Encouragingly, this is a view echoed in the comments of thought leaders in the Republican Party such as commentators David Brooks, Charles Krauthammer or Bill Bennett. That’s significant because as important as the vice presidential pick actually is, the greater vices with which we must contend in contemporary politics are the tendency to demonize our opponents and to chase after the rapidly moving but ephemeral targets set by the social-networking shouting match.

    This is not just dangerous because it’s vapid, alienates voters and sheds no light on anything. It’s dangerous because sometimes in their zeal for the spotlight or their love of scorched earth politics, candidates, campaign advisers and partisan commentators forget that both sides in this contest are us.

    In the end, as appealing as substantive debate is, it’s not enough. Because debate that is not followed by the cooperation required for action is wasted. That is why we must hope that both sides see the possibilities for turning this vice presidential pick, like him or not, into a catalyst for the change in the character of our politics that our times require.

  4. My mistake I watched MSNBC thinking I’d get the full story.
    I recorded FOX, so I’ll compare the coverage.
    any wagers on who reporting was balanced?

  5. Interesting articles in the press today pointing out that the coverage by Fox and MSNBC (as far as what they chose to air) was basically identical.

    C-span provided more complete coverage than both.

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