Will Ronald Reagan be mystery speaker at GOP convention?


Just yesterday, I told you HERE about speculation that Sarah Palin might be the “mystery speaker” scheduled for Thursday night’s session of the Republican National Convention.

Today, some guy at Fox News has a DIFFERENT NOTION:

Fans of former president Ronald Reagan have been trying to revive him for years in the form of zombies, dreams and ghosts — and on Thursday, they may finally get their wish, according to Fox News.

A revised Republican National Committee schedule released Monday showed a mystery “To Be Announced” speaker would take the stage just before Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and nominee Mitt Romney on Thursday night. Even the Romney campaign said that they didn’t know who it would be.

During a Wednesday report, Fox News anchor Trace Gallagher speculated on some of the possibilities. They included Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former First Lady Nancy Reagan, actor Clint Eastwood and NFL quarterback Tim Tebow.

But Gallagher also threw out the name of the former president as potential speaker.

“Maybe a hologram of… Ronald Reagan,” he predicted. “They could do it now with technology. And the word is, maybe they just put Ronald Reagan up on the screen using a little bit of media magic to have Ronald Reagan endorse [Mitt Romney].”

“Is that actually a theory that’s out there?” host Megyn Kelly wondered.

“Yes!” Gallagher replied. “That’s a total theory. They could do it.”



  1. Oh yeah, let’s win this one for the gipper.

  2. Maybe you’ll be the mystery speaker. I heard they’re looking for an idiot.

  3. Steverino said: “Oh yeah, let’s win this one for the gipper.”

    Don’t you mean, let’s win this one for the flipper?

  4. Ken: Why would they be “looking for an idiot” when they’ve got a whole arena full of them?

  5. Speaking of idiots.

    I mean we all know the press has a liberal predisposition but this guy should be smart enough to hold his true feelings inside while he is wearing a microphone.


    This is who the media is. This is what Romney and all Republicans are up against. In what atmosphere does a so-called reporter feel comfortable firing off this kind of vicious joke?

    Well, the answer is easy: In an atmosphere where you’re surrounded in a bubble by elite, ignorant, hate-mongering, ideologically-bigoted leftists just like yourself.

    The media cannot be reasoned with nor can a peace be brokered.

    We must defeat these people because that’s what they intend to do to us. When you believe our nominee is happy to party while black people drown, you can only believe that we possess no humanity. You can’t reason with people who hate you. You just can’t.

  6. doc: Your blanket condemnation of the media ignores the fact that much of the media are just as wingnutty as you — for example: Fox News Channel, the Wall Street Journal and other Murdoch newspapers, talk radio, etc.

    You dimwits can’t even acknowledge that your own sources of right-wing propaganda are just as much a part of the media as the outlets you condemn.

    What foolishness!

  7. Foolishness is saying this “Romneys ‘Happy to Have a Party When Black People Drown’” when you’re wearing a mic.

    By the way, I fully acknowledge that “my” own sources of right wing propoganda are just as part of the media as the outlets I condemn. But I also use sources from the left and the middle to make up my own mind. To your credit, it is something that you inspired me to do.

    2 years ago I would have never listened to NPR, now I listen to it every single day.

    2 years ago, I would have never watched NBC, now I find myself watching O’Donnell and Maddow at least once a week to fully understand their bias and attacks.

    So thanks, Pat. You have made me a much more informed and committed conservative than I ever would have been without your help.

  8. Here is some more on the “foolishness”. It is a long piece of which I have provided a short excerpt, but pretty devastating in it’s examples.


    I suspect that’s a matter of interpretation and “feel,” as it would be hard to quantify statistically.

    But it feels like the left-wingers in the legacy/elite media have gone off the rails this week at the Republican National Convention.

    First there was Juan Williams, who’s an exemplar of the legacy media (Washington Post and NPR, which make up his pedigree, suffice nicely even though he works at Fox News now), and his mind-boggling assault on Ann Romney as a pampered corporate wife mere minutes after a speech she gave about conquering adversity. Williams offered an “explanation” of his attack on the GOP nominee’s wife which contained an attempt to confine his fire to her speech and not her person – and fell as flat as his initial attack.

    And Williams’ denigration of Ann Romney was virtually identical to what was going on at MSNBC. That network, already stinging from the unhinged and embarrassing rant Chris Matthews laid on RNC chair Reince Priebus earlier in the week and Newt Gingrich’s subsequent verbal beatdown of the connected-but-lacking-in-merit former failed Congressional candidate, has nevertheless plowed ahead with coverage of the convention falling off even its own rails.

    For example, on Tuesday – after that network had again and again decried the implicit racism of the GOP – with Matthews serving as only one of its inquisitors – the convention’s speaking roster included two very articulate and talented black speakers in Mia Love and Artur Davis as well as three other Hispanic speakers in Luce Fortuno, Brian Sandoval and Ted Cruz. And MSNBC would not televise a single one of those speeches. Not a single one. NBC News wouldn’t even list Davis’ speech – in which he came out publicly as a Democrat switching to the GOP – as one of the notable speeches at the convention on its website. They would do the same thing to Susana Martinez’ speech on Wednesday.

    This while Chuck Todd of that network roamed the convention floor and cooked up the narrative that the black people at the convention were strategically placed in the seating arrangements so as to maximize their visibility in front of the cameras.

    On Wednesday, Condoleezza Rice gave a stirring speech which articulated black conservatism perhaps better than anyone before her – containing the outstanding line that “a little girl grows up in Jim Crow Birmingham – the most segregated big city in America – her parents can’t take her to a movie theater or a restaurant – but they make her believe that even though she can’t have a hamburger at the Woolworth’s lunch counter – she can be President of the United States and she becomes the Secretary of State. Yes, America has a way of making the impossible seem inevitable in retrospect.”

    ABC News showed just two minutes of the speech and ate up the rest of the time Rice was talking with babbling from Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos, making them the leader in the clubhouse

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