Fact-checking Romney’s big speech before he delivers it

Glenn Kessler, the principal fact-checker at The Washington Post, fires a WARNING SHOT of sorts across Mitt Romney’s bow, lest the Republican presidential nominee use his convention speech tonight to repeat some of his patented falsehoods.

One example is Romney’s claim that President Obama has gutted welfare reform:

This highly inaccurate Four Pinocchio claim is at the center of what the Romney campaign considers its most effective ad. At issue is a memo issued in July by the Department of Health and Human Services, encouraging states to consider “new, more effective ways” of meeting employment goals. As part of that, the HHS Secretary would consider issuing waivers to states concerning worker participation targets.

The administration’s move was a surprise, though it claims it reacted in response to requests from both Democratic and Republican governors. Even supporters suggest that the administration violated the spirit of the law, but no waivers have been issued and Obama has taken no action to weaken work requirements. Romney is asserting an extreme interpretation of what might happen under these rules.

But, of course, veracity will have nothing to do with the matter. Romney’s going to tell the Republicans what they want to hear, regardless of whether it’s the truth.


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