Ryan’s convention speech rouses delegates — but fudges facts

Of all the dumb comments made by television personalities during last night’s coverage of the Republican National Convention, perhaps none was more inane than this reaction from CNN’s Erin Burnett to the speech delivered by vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan:

There will be issues with some of the facts. But it motivated people. He’s a man who says I care deeply about every single word. I want to do a good job. And he delivered on that. Precise, clear, and passionate.

Say what? He cares deeply about every single word and delivered on that score — even though there are issues with some of his facts???

That’s like saying that he was determined to drive his new car home without having an accident, and did well in that regard except for half a dozen fender benders.

In reality, Ryan’s speech was a big hit among the partisans in the hall and in the television audience, but it also was a veritable feast for fact-checkers, as we see HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.



  1. Politicians fudge the facts?

    Shocking I tell you, just downright shocking.

    Here is the quote from the speech that matters”

    “So here’s the question: Without a change in leadership, why would the next four years be any different from the last four years?”

  2. Rather obvious the only thing these Republibaggers have to show for is voter suppression and lies. Boy wonder is just another flimflam man bought and paid for by the billionaires he’s there to impress.

  3. The real question is:

    With a change in leadership, what makes you think things will be any better than the last four years? Last time republicans held the presidency, the economy crashed. And where is their latest president? Must be on vacation…again.

  4. I love, love, love this blog.

    Attacking Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney on character is a great idea boys, keep it up. Louder and crazier is better as far as I am concerned. It is all very reminiscent of the recall elections in Wisconsin and the tactics the left used to try and recall Walker.

    The liberal/progressive histrionics and attacks were very effective……..for Walker.

  5. Aw, poor doc. The boys are picking on his hero, Ryan.

    Here, doc. Lighten up, and watch this.

  6. Lighten up? Interesting. I am pretty darn happy now, so I probably shouldn’t get any lighter.

    This kind of piece from Brooks is what I want to see more of.

    It will backfire, so bring it on.

    This is exactly what I hoped that a Ryan nomination would bring.

  7. “This is exactly what I hoped that a Ryan nomination would bring.”

    What? A distraction for Romney, the weak link in the team?

  8. That should be “from Romney”.

  9. Nope, a focus on issues and what we are witnessing now.

    An ever increasing panic from the left when they realize that their usual shennanigans aren’t going to work.

    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are not evil or stupid or racist.

    They are hard working, serious, intelligent leaders who have real solutions for the real problems that our country faces. Debate the solutions, fine. But the usual histrionic attacks are not what the voters that are in play want to hear.

  10. Wait a minute, doc. You just said, “Attacking Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney on character is a great idea boys,”. So character is an important issue after all.

  11. Jerry,

    I am confused. When did I say character doesn’t matter? Romney and Ryan have it, no matter how the left wishes they didn’t. They also have a history of compromise while governing and serving constituents that are not necessarily of their political ilk.

    That is why I think attacks from the left on the character issue are going to fall flat with all but the most liberal part of the Democratic base.

    That is why I hope the debate turns to the problems and issues we face.

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