Remember when Republican presidents were FOR things, not just AGAINST them?

A tribute of sorts to Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan — none of whom would likely be comfortable, or even accepted, in today’s Republican Party:





  1. The Republicans are “for” plenty of things including:

    Economic growth.



    Celebrating success.

    Helping each other.

    A strong defense.

    Containment of the ever growing Iranian nuclear weapons threat.

    Energy independence (with actual energy technology that works now)

    American exceptionalism and an acknowledgement that it is our position to be a world leader.

    Right sizing of government.

    Changing Medicare so that it will be saved for the future while meeting the obligations of the present.

    A simplified tax code.

    What are the Democrats “for”? And even better, can we afford it?

  2. Neftali

    Republicans have now nominated 3 moderate candidates in a row. The last real conservative they nominated was Bob Dole.

    Bush 43 passed massive entitlements in No Child Left Behind and Medicare Prescription Expansion

    McCain, as he proudly displays, is the “maverick” of the party. He had a long legislative history of working with Democrats. There was plenty of uproar from the right wing about wanting a more right-wing candidate. That’s why Sarah Palin was initially so popular.

    Now, in this alleged era of Republican extremism, Republicans just nominated one of the most moderate members of their entire party.

    Its as if Pat thinks that during the time of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Nixon, there were no right-wing extremists in the party. Of course, he’s wrong if that’s what he really believes. Each era brings about various levels of extremism from all sides of the political spectrum. Don’t listen to this poppycock of “Well, today Republicans are REALLYextremist.” Bull. Every generation says that.

  3. Luke Fredrickson

    And including:

    Emulating Jesus by blaming the least among us.

    A culture of life, except for those who need killin’ by the state.

    Repealing taxes on inherited wealth.

    The integrity of Rupert Murdoch.

    The intellectual leadership of maverick Sarah Palin.

    Celebrating success, unless your success involves a union.

    Guranteed energy independence for Saudi Arabia.

    The intellectual leadership of Glenn Beck.

    Ending tax deductions for primary residences, but not vacation homes.

    Creating brand new taxes on health insurance.

    America’s except-ism (Wars are bad except when we say so…).

    Greenhouse gasses we can believe in.

    Removing the Medicare donut hole by eating the donut.

    John McCain was a good pilot.

    Limiting government to protecting the powerful.

  4. Luke Fredrickson

    Oh, and on more thing the Repubilcans are “for”:

    Protecting the US by hunting down Osama…in Iraq.

  5. Neftali: Two things:

    1. If Mitt Romney is a “moderate,” as you say, then he’s been lying to all the wingnuts in his party.

    2. The GOP’s right-wing extremists were a distinct minority until only recently. Every one of the Republican presidents mentioned in the video above would be considered RINOs today.

  6. Publican (AKA “Truth About Reality”): What the hell is your point?

  7. Neftali

    1. Anyone who follows politics closely knows that Romney is a moderate. This is undisputed.

    2. Bush 43, McCain and Romney are considered RHINOs. That’s the whole point…not much has changed.

    Eisenhower had to deal with McCarthy and his followers, Nixon had Goldwater and his followers, Reagan had Dole and our own John Anderson who 3 times introduced a constitutional amendment to attempt to “recognize the law and authority of Jesus Christ” over the United States.

    There has been, and always will be, extremists. That doesn’t mean that today most of the party are extremists as you are alleging. Again, not much has changed.

  8. Luke,

    You continue to bring the best example of all that is liberal/progressive.

    Take time off from the bitterness, at least for the holiday weekend.

  9. Luke Fredrickson

    Thanks for the diagnosis, Dr. Rove. I appreciate your help in getting the splinter out of my eye. Now for the log in yours…

  10. Luke Fredrickson

    BTW exdoc, I found a great site I think you would like. You can create your own bumper stickers here: http://www.zazzle.com/custom+bumperstickers

    My next one will be:

    “Emulate Neocon Jesus: Blame the least among us.” (all rights reserved)

    So keep your eyes peeled, and give me a thumbs up when you see me on Alpine!

  11. If I lived in Rockford I could, but I don’t.

    However, I wouldn’t worry about reserving rights. I don’t think you’re going to sell to many of them, the slogan doesn’t even make sense.

    A closer attempt might be

    Emulate Neocon Jesus: Help the least among us quickly before they become dependent on the government.

  12. Luke Fredrickson

    Or Emulate Wingnut Jesus: Elect the Money Changer!

  13. Publican

    Which party controls an EXTREMEly small number of House seats?

    The voters spoke in 2010 and spoke again in Wisconsin in 2012. You lost.

    Your party is EXTREMEly progressive.

  14. Publican: Another brilliant comment — one of your best since your latest bit of global-warming denialism. Of course, I also liked the stuff about how blacks always vote for black candidates.

    Keep up the good work.

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