Can you guess which of Romney’s previously favorite falsehoods seems to have disappeared?

In recent weeks and months, Mitt Romney has shown a penchant for sticking with certain campaign arguments even after they’ve been roundly debunked by independent fact-checkers.

But one big exception to this practice seems to have emerged of late, as we see HERE:

It began on August 7. The Romney campaign launched a major offensive on welfare policy, accusing President Obama of “gutting” existing law and “dropping work requirements.”

The attack was as obvious a lie has ever been spoken by a presidential candidate. Mitt Romney had made this up, but proceeded to repeat the lie in every stump speech, and in five separate ads released over the course of two weeks. This one, racially-charged, entirely-made-up claim had quickly become the centerpiece of the entire Republican campaign.

And then something interesting happened. It disappeared.

Sahil Kapur reported the other day that Romney, in his convention address, chose not to repeat the lie, and the claim wasn’t included in Paul Ryan’s convention speech, either. When I checked the transcripts for Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Condoleezza Rice, and Jeb Bush, not one of them made even the slightest reference to the welfare lie.

But wait, there’s more. Romney has given three speeches since his convention address, delivering remarks in Lakeland, Jacksonville, and Cincinnati. The combined total of references to welfare in those speeches? Zero.



  1. It’s still strange that their last president for eight years was a persona non grata. That pretty much tells it all. DNC will have both Carter and Clinton who are not ashamed of their record to all American citizens.

  2. Yes, but where is Hillary?

  3. michael dice

    I believe, by law, the Secretary of State is not allowed to campaign

  4. I did not know that.


  5. Maybe Romney has decided that if the truth hasn’t sunk in yet, it probably never will. For you dupes who are still clinging to your blind faith that the media won’t lie to you, and are willing to do a little work to try to disprove me, please see the following for a detailed, logical, and fact based analysis of why Romney is NOT lying (ie. proof that Section 402 does NOT allow 407 to be waived, and how doing so would gut welfare reform).


    Really, it isn’t that hard to grasp if you are able to read a statute properly. 402 tells states what the reporting requirements are for the law, while 407 outlines the requirements themselves. Trying to say that you can wave the requirements by waiving the reporting of how those requirements are implemented is ridiculous. You might as well say that because Section 402 mentions the program, the Secreatry can say she is allowed to waive any compliance with the program she chooses.
    And, no, I don’t care what waivers the HSS thinks are beneficial. The fact remains that they don’t have the authority or the legality in issuing them in the first place.

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