Obama camp says its ground game this year will make 2008 look like Jurassic Park


The people running President Obama’s re-election campaign SAY their “ground game” (read: get-out-the-vote operation) will offset any advantage the Romney-Ryan ticket has in TV ads:

The predominant worry within Democratic circles is that the president’s small lead in many of the important battleground states will be wiped away in the fall months by a wave of unprecedented television advertisements.

The Obama campaign insists that they have the budget to match Republicans on the airwaves. They claim they could spend $30 million more than they take in every month from now until the election and still come out even in cash. But it’s unlikely that will be enough to match the financial flexibility of the Romney campaign and its allied super PACs. And when confronted with that disparity, top Obama aides have sought to ease concerns by saying they can make up the difference on the ground.

“On the ground we continue to see just incredible enthusiasm,” Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said at the ABC News/Yahoo News Newsmaker forum on Tuesday. “And we are going to beat all the ’08 records because we have had five years to build this, in part because we know how to do it better.”

Referencing the technological innovations that the campaign could bring to voter turnout efforts, Messina added: “This is light-years ahead of where we were in 2008. We are going to make 2008, on the ground, look like ‘Jurassic Park.'”




  1. That’s what the Democrats and the unions said about the recall election in Wisconsin.

    I also wonder what the “tea party” ground game looked like in 2008?

    Oh that’s right! It didn’t even exist yet.

    It’s going to be a very intersting few months.

  2. The Democrats are counting every food stamp distribution center as a “field office.”

  3. Oh yeah….abortion clinics, medicinal marijuana stores, and anywhere there is a union meeting is also a “field office.”

  4. treadlightly

    I disagree, not because of the chart above, but because the Obama campaign started their ground operation in the primaries during 2008. They really haven’t come close to ramping up to that level yet. Or, at least, that’s how it looks from this spot on the ground. I could be wrong since we’re not in a battleground state, but there seemed to be a lot more signs and stickers the first time around that I’m seeing in 2011-2012.

  5. Neftali blows his dog whistle!!

  6. tex – You must have fantastic hearing.

  7. Neftali said: “tex – You must have fantastic hearing.”

    No, I don’t. My eyesight is much better, and I know a dogwhistle when I see it.

  8. Jim Hefner

    And Egypt’s Mursi off to Iran and China but not heading to the USA – Obama is not stupid, greeting a Muslim Brotherhood person in the White House during a campaign year would not be a good idea even though the WH supported the overthrow in the Middle East. But Obama can still help one of his buddies:

    Finally Obama lived up to one of his promises – transparency.

  9. Neftali: Your speculation on what counts as Democratic “field offices” invites similar suggestions regarding the GOP.

    What would you think of the notion that Klan chapters are part of the Republican get-out-the-vote operation?

  10. There is no sane Republican that wants anything to do with the Klan.

  11. Jim Hefner

    Pat is just aping what the Demos have been saying all week – not the KKK but Hitler – liberals love is misdirect.


  12. Wow, pretty impressive Pat.

    Your Democrat brethren would not be happy with equating a Klan office with ANY of the examples Neftali listed.

    I will give you a break though. I’m sure you’re just fired up after taking in all the convention rhetoric last night.

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