Funny stuff: Republicans pretend that Obama speech has been moved indoors for fear of empty seats

THIS is hilarious:

Senior Democratic officials scoffed Wednesday morning at Republican criticisms of the decision to move President Obama’s DNC address indoors on Thursday, shutting out tens of thousands of community members to the event.

Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, suggested the decision was a move to save face in case the event didn’t pack the house. “After promising to speak at Bank of America stadium rain or shine, Team Obama is moving inside,” he tweeted after the announcement. “Troubles filling the seats?”

“[Republicans] are gonna turn this into a political decision. It was a public safety decision,” a senior campaign official told reporters at a briefing Wednesday morning, following the announcement that President Obama will no longer speak outdoors at Bank of America Stadium because of concerns over “extreme weather.”

At this writing, the National Weather Service says there’s a 40-percent chance of thundestorms in Charlotte tomorrow afternoon and a 30-percent chance of same tomorrow night. So, why run the risk of great inconvenience, if not also injury, to the attendees if lightning were to strike?

Another question: Why would the Republicans want to remind us of the meager turnout the last time Mitt Romney made a speech in a big stadium (above)?



  1. When was the last time they cancelled a football game under similar circumstances?

    I’m just glad that the DNC is so caring about the “little people”.

  2. doc: In fact, football games have been delayed, suspended and even postponed because of the threat of lightning. The NCAA has rules regarding such situations.

    Last year, Notre Dame stadium was evacuated during a game because of lightning.

    (Now here’s where you tell me that unlike those Democratic weenies, manly Republicans aren’t afraid of lightning.)

  3. Luke Fredriickson

    2010. Weather forced the Eagles v. Vikings game to move from Sunday to Tuesday.

    The NFL empties the stadium in case of impending lightning as do all other sporting events in outdoor arenas. The NFL usually finishes the game after the storm but does cancel them at times. 2003 and 1996 are the most recent examples.

  4. Sure they do, at the time of the event, not 24 hours in advance with a small threat of storms. It’s not like a hurricane is bearing down on them. I just feel bad for the tens of thousands who will not get a chance to see history in the making.

    And Pat, I’m certainly afraid of lightning. I have even been at a game that was delayed and the stadium evacuated because of lighting 1 hour before the game, which was then played without further incident.

    A thunderstorm is really loud from a parking garage.

  5. For a snow storm.

  6. My guess is the Secret Service weighed in on this too. Do you really want the Pres giving a speech in an outdoor arena with a chance of having to screen people going in, delay it and possibly empty the arena because of weather, and then have to let ’em back in if the weather cleared.

    I’m pretty confident the Pres would have been able to fill the stadium. But, let’s face it, the GOP would claim “thin crowd for the President” if he put 49,000 people in a 50,000 seat stadium anyway.

  7. 74,000 seat stadium.

    It was a bad idea to begin with.

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