If this score was the other way around, the pseudo-patriots would be howling like mad

Just thought you ought to know about this.

UPDATE: Romney’s EXPLANATION of why he didn’t mention the troops or the war in Afghanistan in his acceptance speech: “You talk about things you think are important.”



  1. Well duh. He is the Commander in Chief.

    Maybe next time he will see fit to actually sign the form letters sent to the families of men who died in combat.


  2. doc: You are sooo pathetic!

    But then, you’re supporting a chickenhawk for president, aren’t you?

  3. doc: Two other things:

    1. The Web site from which you culled that crap is a creation of Joseph Farah, a world-class birther wacko.

    2. You excuse Romney’s snub of the troops in his acceptance speech, but you fail to address the point in the headline on this post — namely that your pseudo-patriotic pals would be screaming if Obama had similarly snubbed the troops. They’d be saying that Obama hates the troops and hates America.

    By the way, speaking of your strange pals, I recently ran across something about Sen. Ron “Sunspots” Johnson calling scientists who attribute global warming to man-made causes “crazy” and declaring that such theories are “lunacy.” And you actually contributed to this moron’s campaign, didn’t you?

    Oh, would I love to debate the issue of climate change with a guy like that.

  4. It’s an embarrassment that the antiwar politician won’t take responsibility for more deaths in Afghanistan during his tenure than when Bush was President. Afghanistan, the “right war”, has been an utter failure thus far. Iraq turned into a success.

  5. doc: Don’t miss the UPDATE on the post above.

  6. Expdoc uses that tactic frequently. Ignore the question or the topic of the post and then post some crazy link that diverts attention from the issue at hand.

    So, expdoc, answer the question in your own words. Romney mentioned the “military” in his speech but that was clearly a reference to the monolithic military/industrial complex. Why not talk about the troops and show them some love and respect, as Obama clearly did in his speech?

  7. Uh, but you didn’t address the point of the link Saul. You really are irritated by the facts aren’t you?

    Obama was happy to personally sign a condolence letter to a rapper’s family, not so much for the troops he sent to their death.


  8. I don’t know monkey. You’ll have to ask him.

    Maybe it’s because he knows that what matters is the economy, stupid.

    You know the one that has languished for 3 plus years and continues to sport nasty unemployment rates and anemic job creation?

  9. doc: “The troops he sent to their death”? Wow! You’re beginning to sound like the certiable loonies on your side of the Obamaphobia divide.

    I expect that you and your kind are only going to get worse as November draws near, especially if it looks like you’re going to lose.

    One shudders to think of what the slack-jawed racists and the hopeless paranoiacs will resort to.

    Some of these people are featured in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q6DNm6rrYY

  10. Wait tell they ask Willard about our military interventions during the debate. He’ll babble on about something with Israel and Kolob.

  11. Me and my kind????

    Hard working, rule following, tax paying professionals who volunteer hundreds of hours a year, attend church,and are raising responsible children in a two parent home?

    People who are tired of being repeatedly attacked and told we haven’t earned what we have and that we don’t care about our fellow citizens?

    Yeah, we’re evil alright.

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