Obama’s coalition of supporters looks a lot more like America as a whole than Romney’s


As we see HERE, the chart above is based on various data.

Team Romney has set a target of 61 percent of the white vote, according to reporting by Ron Brownstein. It won’t be easy.

“If he reaches 61 percent among whites, he would equal the best performance ever for a Republican presidential challenger with that group of voters: Dwight Eisenhower in 1952, Ronald Reagan in 1980, and George H.W. Bush in 1988 each won between 56 percent and 61 percent of white voters, according to polls at the time,” Brownstein reports.

While Republicans are making a push for Latino voters, they remain a small part of Romney’s support so far, despite a heavy emphasis on wooing Latino voters, with prime speaking slots in Tampa and a focus on the party’s pitch to that segment of the voting bloc.

For his part, Obama’s support from white voters represents about two-thirds of his total support, according to our chart. His substantially more diverse coalition — which is consistent with historic pattern for Democrats — is they key to offsetting Romney’s stronger support among white voters. But Obama cannot bank merely on high levels of support from minority voters; he needs high turnout among those segments, too.


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