Today is a disgraceful anniversary

The images above say it all.



  1. Jim Hefner

    So why didn’t he propose and pass it when he had control of both houses, not to mention no budget – and since he is so good at bypassing the checks and balances when he doesn’t get what he wants why doesn’t he just enact the bill through his Presidential Powers – which is something he has become adept at http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/obama_increasingly_uses_executive_powers_to_bypass_congress_latest_order_ta/

    – or could it be he would rather have the Congress as a scapegoat for his lack of leadership/

  2. The Obama administration and the Democratic leadership of Congress share equal blame with the Republicans.

    When you are unwilling to compromise as a politician and your do a terrible job communicating with the electorate then you will have gridlock.

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