Fox News poll: Obama leads Romney in presidential race and on a broad array of issues and character traits

As I’ve said here on numerous occasions, my favorite  polls usually are those sponsored by Fox News — simply because conservatives can’t so easily shoot them down as politically biased.

Fox, like other major media outfits, hires a reputable, independent polling organization to conduct its surveys. The methods employed are scientific and time-tested. The results may not always please the talking heads on Fox News Channel, but that only bespeaks their reliability.

The latest Fox poll is bad news for Mitt Romney in many more ways than simply Barack Obama’s lead of five percentage points in the presidential race. To wit, the incumbent Democrat also leads his Republican challenger in the following categories among likely voters:

–Favorable vs. unfavorable opinion;

–Handling foreign policy;

–Handling same-sex marriage;

–Demanding more from the country’s education system;

–Protecting Medicare and making sure it’s there for future generations;

–Handling health care;

–Protecting the U.S. from terrorist attacks;

–Being a strong negotiator with foreign leaders;

–Handling illegal immigration;

–Handling taxes;

–Making the country a better place to live;

–Taking the country in the right direction;



–Steady leadership;


–Keeping promises;

–Working hard;

–Understanding American history;

–Moral values.

Perhaps my favorite part of this latest Fox poll is the one in which respondents were asked this question: If Barack Obama is re-elected as president, which of the following best describes your feelings?:

The country’s going down the drain and I am dreading what is going to happen in the next four years. (Forty-three percent of respondents chose this one.)

The country’s improving every day and I look forward to another four years. (Fifty percent of respondents chose this one.)

All the raw numbers in this poll are HERE.







  1. Guess Mitt will have to rely on voter purge and suppression.

  2. Election day is eons away in political terms, particularly with rapidly rising tensions in the Middle East and a languishing if not deteriorating economy.

    I finally had a chance to listen to both Obama and Romney from yesterday and found what Romney said to hardly be controversial at all and what Obama said to be rather weak coming from the US President.

    Given all the focus on “What Bush knew” prior to 9-11, I am sure that liberals will be working just as hard to find out what Obama knew (or should have known) prior to Tuesday nights assassinations. I would be particularly concerned about what he heard at his intelligence briefings over the last month or so.

    I also find it intriguing that our current leaders feel the need to even comment on a movie that was made by a private citizen. The terrorists that attacked us in Libya didn’t do it because of a movie, they did it because they hate us. Surprisingly, they even continue to hate us despite having a Nobel Peace Prize winner in the White House.

    Go figure.

  3. Oh look!!! A spin doc!

  4. I loved those guys.

  5. Hey Doc is Mitts bathwater salty?

  6. I don’t even know what that means.

    Great substance in your posts today boys.

  7. Here’s some substance for you. Sounds like this was a terrorist attack as well as an assassination of a diplomat. Rough waters indeed.


    Benghazi, Libya – A senior security official says the attack that killed four Americans in Libya, including the U.S. ambassador, was an organized two-part operation by heavily armed militants that included a precisely timed raid on a supposedly secret safe house just as Libyan and U.S. security forces were arriving to rescue evacuated consulate staff.

    Wanis al-Sharef, eastern Libya’s deputy interior minister, said on Thursday the attacks were suspected to have been timed to mark the 9-11 anniversary and that the militants used civilians protesting an anti-Islam film as cover for their action.

    He said Ambassador Chris Stevens and another American were killed in the consulate as plainclothes Libyan security were evacuating them to the safe house. The second assault targeted the safe house, killing two Americans and wounding nearly about 30 Libyans and Americans.

  8. “After IED Attack On Benghazi Consulte In June, No Additional Security Steps Were Taken; All Was Left In The Hands of Local (That Is, Libyan) Security”

    “Marines not permitted live ammo
    Marine blogs say U.S. embassy did not authorize service members to carry ammo”
    from the freebeacon.com

    All Romney’s fault

  9. More bad news for Romney, S&P 500 at highest intraday since Jan 2008

  10. QEIII

    I bet this keeps everyone happy too
    Jobless claims rise to 382,000

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