Limbaugh theorizes that al-Qaeda allowed for bin Laden to be killed — to help Obama’s re-election chances

Yes, you read that headline right.

And only the knuckle-draggers who see El Rushbo as their political guru would believe such nonsense.

The story is HERE:

As far as conspiracy theories go this is pretty far out there, and the reason Rush Limbaugh and his ilk on hate radio are sounding increasingly unhinged is because they’re running out of ideas.

All of their usual rhetoric has been exhausted or disproven if for no other reason than the passage of time and the absence of the apocalypse, so to maintain a conversation they turn to conspiracy.

Unfortunately for them others have already perfected the art of conspiracy mongering, so in Rush Limbaugh’s case he simply comes off as a rabid, partisan racist rather than a true believer.

Mitt Romney and Limbaugh are now presenting a unified message that the president is an appeaser and a terrorist sympathizer, but will anyone buy it? The Republicans were unable to persuade enough people that the president was a Manchurian candidate in 2008 so I don’t believe they’ll be able to in 2012 either. This merely makes Mitt Romney seem increasingly unfit for office.


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  1. There should be a limit on how much medication you can take and still be on the radio.

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