Vladimir loves Mitt

Here’s my guess as to what Vladimir Putin was whispering in Hillary Clinton’s ear (above):

“If you happen to run into that Romney fellow, Madame Secretary, please give him my highest regards.”

HERE‘s the background:

In March, Mitt Romney said Russia is “clearly” the nation’s “number one geo-political foe,” a comment that’s been widely ridiculed in a variety of circles. As Rachel [Maddow] noted last night, soon after Romney’s comment, Colin Powell said on MSNBC, “Come on, Mitt, think.”

But on the other side of the Atlantic, there’s apparently one person who was delighted by Romney’s rhetoric. His name is Vladimir Putin…

Putin was looking for an excuse to be more obstinate on missile defense, and Romney, through his foreign policy clumsiness, gave him one. By popping off on a subject he didn’t understand, Romney inadvertently affected defense negotiations, at least at a superficial level.



  1. Is there any surprise that Communist Vladimir Putin prefers Obama, while Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu prefers Romney?

  2. Neftali: Netanyahu can’t vote here, and most (perhaps two-thirds) of American Jews are likely to vote for Obama.

    Oh, and as for Putin preferring Obama, he doesn’t want to have to deal with a blithering idiot.

  3. Neftali: One other thing: I would have thought that red-baiting Obama is beneath you.

    Guess I was wrong about that.

  4. Neftali nailed it.

    And it has nothing to do with red-baiting.

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