So-called former terrorist says Hillary is plotting to shut down churches and synagogues next year

At this week’s Values Voter Summit, where the right-wing oratory is invariably way over the top, one certain speaker took a stab at distinguishing himself as more nutty than all the others. And the audience ate it up.

Steve Benen has the story HERE:

Of particular interest…was a man [above] who calls himself Kamal Saleem. The title he gave himself is “former terrorist.”

He had all kinds of unique insights to share, but I found this one especially interesting. According to Saleem, whose real name is Khodor Shami, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is currently working with Islamic countries and the United Nations to “subjugate American people to be arrested and put to jail and their churches and synagogues shut down.” All of this, he said, will happen early next year — March, at the latest.

Values Voter Summit attendees, instead of turning to one another and asking, “What on earth is this strange man talking about?” actually cheered Saleem’s bizarre conspiracy theories…

 [T]his is the same right-wing activist who says President Obama is secretly praying Islamic prayers when it looks like he’s pledging allegiance to the American flag; insists Americans will be “wearing rag heads” if immigration reform is approved; and argues that the Roe v. Wade precedent leads to “Sharia law.”



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  1. Kamal was going to be Michelle Bachmann’s running mate for the Looneybin Tea Party.

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