Big fuss tonight over secret recording of Romney disparaging nearly half of American people

I’m headed out the door for the evening and don’t have time to give this stuff full treatment, but it’s touched off a firestorm on the Internet.

Read THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS.

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  1. Mitt merely confirmed what we already knew.

  2. Romney nailed it. One of the greatest stupidities of those 47% is that they think if we just steal all the money from those evil rich folk everyone’s life will improve. Nothing could be further from the truth. Time to take some personal responsibility, liberals. Quit worry about rich people and work to improve your own life.

  3. Neftali: That’s your dumbest comment ever, which is not an easy feat.

    Millions of Obama supporters DO “take some personal responsibility” and DO pay income taxes. Many of them pay income taxes at much higher rates than Romney does.

    Moreover, millions of Romney supporters are at the public teat and are dependent upon government in one way or another.

    And where do you get off with this garbage about the 47 percent wanting to “steal all the money” from rich folks. You sound like one of Limbaugh’s moronic dittoheads.

    You’re just buying into the hateful right-wing rhetoric that all the people who receive benefits of some sort from government are leaches who don’t pay taxes. That’s just pure crapola. And how about the tens of millions of elderly who receive Social Security and Medicare benefits? Lots of them are Republicans.

    I read in The Atlantic tonight that eight of the top 10 states with the highest number of residents who don’t pay income taxes are red states.

    Romney’s never going to hear the end of this.

    He’s toast.

  4. a.c. turnbull

    merica is doomed with him and the most corrupt couple in america,,bill and hillary clinton.

  5. shawnnews

    Pat, all he’s doing is reiterating the 53 percent slogan that Erick Erickson from RedState.com claimed last year — but in more unflattering terms. This isn’t new information, just new phrasing from the candidate. I’m sure the Tea Party will rally around him now for speaking like one of them rather than speaking aloof like most of his speeches.

  6. One only needs to look at the putrid display of the Chicago teacher’s union to understand Romney’s point. There you have perfectly well off responsible citizens that don’t want to be held accountable for the shoddy results of their performance, and yet they want gigantic raises for minimal increases in effort. I’ve seen how these people think. They know the state is broke, and when asked how do they expect to be paid for their demands? The Koch brothers. Seriously. These are the people educating our children.

    Besides, the Romney quote won’t make a bit a difference. Obama’s quote claiming Republicans are bitter and clinging to their religion and their guns really did him a lot of damage in 2008, didn’t it? Romney didn’t say a darn thing that everybody already knows.

    Its the same thing as always. Job numbers, grocery bills, and gasoline prices will likely have the greatest affect on the election.


    The ONLY people that really give more than 2 hoots about this Romney quote are the liberals who foam at the mouth at anything he says. Yes, it will be probably be brought up in the debates, but it won’t make a lick of difference. It will be forgotten about well before election day. Just watch.

  7. Neftali: A lame effort. Really, really lame.

  8. Jonah Goldberg sums it up nicely:

    “To read many of the reactions on Twitter, you’d think Mother Jones had just found video of Mitt Romney strangling a hooker with her own pantyhose. It’s over! Devastating!”


    Keep dreaming liberals. Your side is just desperate to turn the conversation away from the disastrous unemployment numbers, the record amount of people on food stamps, and letting American diplomats die overseas with little protection and without reprisal.

  9. What he said wasn’t inaccurate. Not to change the subject, but there wasn’t any outrage towards Obama when his campaign decided in January not to try to appeal to working white people. The political landscape is what it is. Obama chose to slice and dice the electorate into little groups based on race, income, age, sex, you name it, and make them think that Republicans are out to get them. (Oh so Presidential) It’s what community organizers do, and that’s all he knows. Talk about disparaging people, surely you remember The One telling campaign contributors in California about Pennsylvanians being ‘bitter clingers, clinging to their guns and religion.” The difference between Romney’s and Obama’s is simple. Romney’s statement was based on percentages of takers and payers. His point is simple for even Chuck Todd to understand. Well apparently not. Obama’s was based on race and employment. He (his campaign) apparently thinks that working white people are Tea Party folks. Stupid of course, but that’s the way they see it. Regardless of peoples status, takers will (for the most part) not vote for a person that they fear will cut it off. That was Romney’s point. And Obama’s point is to try to get as many people dependent on the government as possible. For him and the Democrat party, it’s called ‘job security.’ Not good for America, but good for the party to hold on to power.

  10. I don’t really believe Romney said anything that isn’t true! When 16 Americans have to work to support one – and perhaps not an American at all – on welfare, who’s disparaging whom?

  11. Pat – what about millions of people on social security? You apparently are ignorant of what Social Security INSURANCE was intended to be. Don’t know about you, but most of us “elderly” paid a life time of premiums to the government – through no choice of our own – for the right to collect a pittance in our “golden years.”

    The government’s responsibility was to invest and grow that money. But, it never happened. The government borrowed from it to pay everyone for just about anything they could think of, even to those that have never paid a dime into the fund. So, don’t come to me with that crap about collecting something that was mine to begin with! I’m wondering if the government can continue to honor their contract with me and, if not, who do I sue!?

    Let’s now look at your statement about Obama supporters who pay taxes. About half of all Americans pay no income tax. About half of all Americans – and I use that term loosely – support Obama. Draw your own conclusions but don’t expect the rest of us to fall for your baloney!

    I think you’re just buying into that hateful left wing rhetoric that says tax the rich and all of our problems will disappear. Problem is, what do you do when the so called rich get tired of that left wing crap and move away.

    The Dems seem to think that anyone making $250K/yr is the rich. Find any small business with a few employees that manages to eke out a profit each year that might amount to $250K. That is taxable as ordinary income, an extremely high rate. How long is that business going to survive after paying nearly half of that profit to the government?


    And by the way, who is going to define what a “fair share” is? Reminds me of years ago United Givers used to more or less demand a “fair share” of a working persons salary every year, and then had the temerity to tell us what that “fair share” was.

    The left loves to report that Romney only pays a pittance in income tax while millions of Americans pay more. What you lefties fail to report is the type of income that Romney pays tax on. The man doesn’t pay tax on regular earned income. He pays taxes on capital gains. He does not earn a salary on which he has to pay income tax!

    If you want to rag on something, rag on the unfairness and complexity of the tax code, not the fact that ALL of us who PAY taxes have to decipher that code and hope that we can end up keeping a bit of the money we earned without causing the IRS to descend upon us like a horde of locusts.

    Finally, Will Rogers would be ashamed of you and your kind who want to suck the life blood out of this country.

  12. Ross: Three things:

    1. Your argument that the Obama campaign “thinks that working white people are Tea Party folks” is ludicrous and doesn’t comport with the campaign’s outreach to union people.

    2. Red states are more likely “taker”,” and blue states are more likely “payer” states, as numerous studies have shown.

    3. There is no such thing as “the Democrat party.” It’s called “the Democratic Party.” Only right-wingers call it the Democrat party.

  13. At one time hard working Americans enjoyed many benefits with their employer along with a decent wage but folks like Mitt decided to cut their benefits and make them work for the lowest wage possible so investors and corporate executives could raise their income and pay themselves a bonus for doing it. Now after creating a society more dependent on entitlements Mitt kicks them to the curb as a gesture of his compassion for all.

  14. “At one time hard working Americans enjoyed many benefits with their employer along with a decent wage” –

    Steverino – Please enlighten me as when was this magical time when labor and management got along.

  15. Nef – Get in your time machine and go back 50 years when we had a middle class.

  16. Hi Pat, I thought you were on vacation or something.

    We’re actually in agreement that to believe that working white people are the Tea Party is ludicrous. Well, I said it was stupid. You said ludicrous. Note that I used the word “apparently” as in “He (his campaign) apparently thinks.” I don’t know of course. Why don’t you tell me what they meant by not going after “working white people.”

    States don’t vote. People vote. This is an economic issue. So Red and Blue states have nothing to do with it. It’s not hard to imagine someone being scared into thinking that if they don’t vote for Obama, then their check won’t arrive because Romney will take it away. And it isn’t the Romney campaign doing the scaring. It’s the “‘uniter,” Obama.

    Just looking at the numbers, not the skin color or employment status, there’s a point (some call the tipping point) to be made (I think Alexis de Tocqueville said) that when the majority of the people realize they can vote for what they want from ‘the government’ then that will be the end of Democracy. Sloppy paraphrase but you get the point. Look to Greece for example. I think they’re over 60% takers now. You want to go there?

    I know what the Democrat(ic) party calls itself. I know it torques libs. Better, imho, than calling them murderers or some such. Republican Party, republicans. Democratic Party, democratics. I got it.

  17. Ross: I’m curious. Why would you have thought I was on vacation?

  18. I was wrong about the ‘working white people’ thing being in January 2012. It was Nov. 2011.

    Here’s the link. http://nyti.ms/NAEFt3

  19. I know you weren’t. I was anxious that you weren’t going to reply. 🙂 You’re more than welcome to come to my playground and rattle my cage. http://bit.ly/e5KBxc

  20. Here’s how Neftali gets away with saying the left wants to steal money from the working class:


  21. 2. Red states are more likely “taker”,” and blue states are more likely “payer” states, as numerous studies have shown.

    All this proves is that the so called “taker” states have more minorities and illegals scamming the system. The working class in those states are supporting the scammers!

  22. So Pat, Neftali is “dumb” for suggesting people take some personal responsibility for improving their lives?

    Someone at sometime must have been told you to get an education and make something of yourself. Were they dumb too?

    “Neftali: That’s your dumbest comment ever, which is not an easy feat.”

    Either you’re the dumb one here or, just have hatred for successful people ingrained in your soul.

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