The best movie ever about nuclear war

In 1984, the BBC aired a documentary-style fictional account of the effects of nuclear war on the city of Sheffield in northern England. It’s a low-budget but disturbingly powerful film titled “Threads.”

I urge you to set aside a couple of hours and watch this truly remarkable movie. It will stay with you for a long, long time.




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  1. Fortunately, the premise of the movie is a bit dated. Nuclear war with Russia or China is highly unlikely.

    Our biggest concern isn’t the all out threat of global thermal nuclear war, but rather a singular rouge terrorist group acquiring one nuclear weapon and setting it off. Pakistan has nukes, and their security isn’t exactly world renown. Or worse, according to Israeli Secret Service (Mossad), Iran doesn’t have 4 nuclear plants in development, but rather dozens hidden underground. All it takes is one bomb, which could easily kill twice has many people as all the terrorist activity in the past 30 years combined.

    Israel, is of course, the most likely target. But the United States brings in billions worth goods to our sea ports every month. Could a nuclear device be smuggled onto our shores?

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