Here’s how Electoral College score looks at this point


The story behind the map above is HERE:

The new CBS News/YouGov Electoral Vote Tracker – a computer simulation model of the Presidential race – shows that if President Obama were to win the national popular vote by three points (which is his current edge today in national polls) that would translate into 332 electoral votes for Mr. Obama and 206 for Mitt Romney on election night. 

The model shows how the votes would most likely be distributed across all fifty states, if Mr. Obama’s three-point lead held up on November 6th and that reveals which states would ultimately tilt to Mr. Obama, and which go to Romney. 

The president would pick up enough swing voters from across the battleground states to take almost all of them. He’d win Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nevada, New Hampshire, Iowa, Colorado, Virginia; he’d win a close race in Florida, and win a squeaker in Wisconsin, while North Carolina would go to Romney. 

Importantly, it isn’t a forecast – it is today’s score. We’ve got six-plus weeks to go, and this can change. We’ll re-run the simulation again in the coming weeks.



  1. From here, all Romney has to do is win FL, VA, IA, WI, and NV, and he wins the election 270-268. Yes, that’s right. Romney can lose Pennsylvania and Ohio, and still win.

    Bonus: Each of those 5 states have a Republican governor, each has at least one Republican Senator but VA, and each has majority Republican Representatives but IA.

  2. Neftali: Your bonus statement really doesn’t matter a bit. Plenty of states have mixed parties in control of the Gov. office or the legislature or House/Senate reps and then vote differently in the Pres. election.

    Bottom line: There is still a little time, no doubt, but your robot, err, candidate, is floundering and needs to right the ship and fast. Unless Obama falls asleep mid-debate, I’m not sure what Romney is gonna do at this point. Take wishful thinking and partisanship out of it for a second and I’m wondering, who is in charge of his campaign and what are they thinking?

  3. Alan Eddy

    Cunningham is so full of it, he believes it!Alan Eddy

  4. Alan: Brilliant, well-reasoned comment.

    I look forward to more such stuff from you.

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