New poll shows Obama leading by eight points

A poll released today by Pew Research Center — and conducted before the big fuss over Mitt Romney’s 47-percent gaffe — is pretty good news for Barack Obama.

My favorite part of the survey, aside from the president’s lead, is the stuff in the chart above.

HERE‘s the story:

At this stage in the campaign, Barack Obama is in a strong position compared with past victorious presidential candidates. With an eight-point lead over Mitt Romney among likely voters, Obama holds a bigger September lead than the last three candidates who went on to win in November, including Obama four years ago. In elections since 1988, only Bill Clinton, in 1992 and 1996, entered the fall with a larger advantage.

Not only does Obama enjoy a substantial lead in the horserace, he tops Romney on a number of key dimensions. His support is stronger than his rival’s, and is positive rather than negative. Mitt Romney’s backers are more ardent than they were pre-convention, but are still not as enthusiastic as Obama’s. Roughly half of Romney’s supporters say they are voting against Obama rather than for the Republican nominee. With the exception of Bill Clinton in 1992, candidates lacking mostly positive backing have lost in November.




  1. Pew research always leans to the left. A sample of more Democrats to Republicans is to be expected, but this poll seems abnormally skewed. 31/37/32 R/D/I

    This AP poll is likely more accurate. 31/30/30 D/R/I and it shows Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in a virtual tie, with Obama having a 1-point edge at 47/46.


  2. kevind1986

    snip snip snip…
    “The Congressional Budget Office estimated today that nearly 6 million people will have to pay a penalty for not obtaining health insurance once President Obama’s health care law is full in place. That’s a 2 million increase over a previous estimate. The average penalty is estimated at nearly $1,200.”

    Truth eventually wiggles out, no matter how deep lefty media types try to bury it. But you know that, don’t you?

  3. kevind1986

    Neftali: it’s actually worse than that. In another section of the poll data, you see that 50% self-identified as Democrat and 37% identified as Republican.
    Media bias? What? Don’t go looking behind this curtain!

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