Senate Republicans kill veterans’ jobs bill

Do they hate the troops?

Or do they hate Obama so much that they’ll do anything to prevent jobs legislation from passing on his watch, even if it helps veterans?

The story is HERE:

With a major national election just seven weeks away, senators would have to be out of their minds to reject a jobs bill for U.S. military veterans, right?

Apparently not.

The bill needed 60 votes to advance. The final tally was 58 to 40, and all 40 opponents of the proposal were Republicans.

As proposals go, this should have been a no-brainer. The Veterans Job Corps Act of 2012, sponsored by Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), sought to lower unemployment among military veterans, giving grants to federal, state, and local agencies, which in turn would hire veterans — giving priority to those who served on or after 9/11 — to work as first-responders and in conservation jobs at national parks.




  1. This is just typical liberal pandering for sympathies before an election cycle. The bill has two major issues:

    1. This is a Revenue Bill, and according to terms of the Budget Control Act, revenue bills must start in the House.

    2. Its a 5-year bill, which allegedly pays for itself over 10 years. In other words, it ads to the deficit when we are already 16 trillion in the whole.


    These kinds of tactics are common with liberals. They could craft a bill that gives $1 billion to puppy owners, and when Republicans reject it for being ridiculous, Democrats now have their talking point of “Look Everyone!! Republicans hate puppies!”

  2. Luke Fredrickson

    Are puppies part of the 47% like veterans?

  3. Luke – No, puppies are part of the 53%.

  4. Liberal pandering? Not quite, this is a a party that will do anything in their power to try to make the President look ineffective. Even at the expense of the people they represent.

  5. Republicans have a veterans’ jobs bill it’s called more wars.

  6. That goes along with their healthcare bill: Don’t get sick and if you do, die quickly.

  7. Tommy Bellomy

    I agree 100% with Neftali, why should we have another bill passed that would continue to put the U.S. further in debt. We have Federal, State, and Local agencies already cutting back on spending in the same areas that these Democratic leaders want to grant money (that isn’t in the bank) to put veterans to work. I thank the Lord God Almighty that we have these men and women in the armed services defending this great country. But why would anyone want to make this same country more in-debt to foreign countries in the process of putting more people to work for a bankrupt government. Who’s going to guarantee they get paid? And, it’s only for 5 years. Then what? Who pays for these people to work after that? What this country needs is less regulation that cost companies more money to stay afloat. All these regulations that if they are not fulfill will cost the company in fines which cut into profits and future development of their business. These companies need the ability to hire more workers, thus more tax revenue, thus less debt

  8. Jeb Bush 2016

    These are the same “47%” leeches and moochers that Mitt was talking about. They only want more and more money from the government! Get a J O B bums! All Americans are glad that our GOP Senators stop this greedy $ grab. Day 1, Mitt will end these folks endless demands for entitlement programs (HANDOUTS)!.

    Join with Mitt and our Tea Party Patriots to DEMAND additional tax cuts for the Job Creator class!

  9. The comment above from Jeb Bush 2016 refers to veterans as “leeches and moochers,” which makes me think it’s from a liberal who wants to make the Republicans look even worse.

  10. Milton Waddams

    You think? I thought the sarcasm was pretty obvious…

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