Romney is doomed by his fealty to the Tea Party


Kevin Drum EXPLAINS that Mitt Romney’s most fateful decision during the Republican primary season was to attack his rivals from the right:

[T]he Tea Party has been Romney’s downfall. They forced Romney too far to the right and didn’t give him the room (or the trust) to move back toward the center during the general election…

[T]he fundamentals predicted a fairly close election, which means that the candidate and the campaign really mattered this year. All that horserace stuff played a real role. But the Tea Party made it impossible to play that role smartly. They’ve moved so far outside the mainstream that they make demands on politicians that doom them in a general election.



  1. The REAL tea party

    This is very funny!

    First off Romney has no ‘fealty’ to the tea party at all. Didn’t you see how he purged all conservatives from the caucuses and the conventions? He bought most of this nomination, but tea parties in NH refuse the money.

    This is why the tea party DESPISES Romney and why he will lose to the worst president in history. He has not gone to the ‘right’, and in fact, on major issues agrees with Obama… Fed Reserve, WAR, Foreign Aid, campaigning in a foreign country, kow towing to foreign lobbyists, and ignoring things that take away personal FREEDOMS.

    This article was written with knee-jerk partisanship, and complete ignorance of what is really going on inside the GOP who just shot itself in the foot because it allowed a criminal to do what he did to the grassroots.

  2. The election will not be close. Reagan was so far right he won 2 terms. Romney needs a farther push!

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