Meet Mitt Romney’s five toughest conservative critics

If you’re a Republican bent on taking revenge on certain prominent traitors to your party, you’re going to have to read THIS PIECE, not just the following excerpt, to learn the identities of the people to whom the headline above refers:

Mitt Romney has received more than his fair share of grief in the days since the publication of a secret video in which he says that 47 percent of Americans — including the poor and the elderly — view themselves as “victims” who are incapable of “taking personable responsibility or care for their lives.” Of course, a flood of criticism was to be expected from Democrats and much of the media. But Romney could hardly have anticipated that Republican pundits would join the pile-on — and in some cases, with perhaps more venom than their liberal counterparts. It has gotten so bad that an exasperated Ann Romney turned her fire on conservative critics. “Stop it,” she said. “This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring.”


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