Previous post here about Ryan and Romney based on satirical piece for which author should abjectly apologize

I’ve been away from the store for a few hours, during which time it has been made clear that THIS POST from earlier today — based on THIS PIECE by Roger Simon of Politico — involved what we now learn was an imaginary disgruntlement with Mitt Romney on Paul Ryan’s part.

Simon’s supposed tip-off that his piece was satire was this obscure “author’s note” at the end: “Jonathan Swift did not really want Irish people to sell their children for food in 1791; George Orwell did not really want the clocks to strike thirteen in 1984; Paul Ryan, I am sure, calls Mitt Romney something more dignified than “Stench” and Microsoft did not invent PowerPoint as a means to euthanize cattle. At least I am pretty sure Microsoft didn’t.”

My blog is just one of many — hundreds, in fact —  that didn’t read Simon’s column as satire. Indeed, my post linked to (and quoted from) several others that thought Simon was playing it straight. After all, his enviable reputation is based on a long career of solid political reporting — not satire.

It says HERE that “Simon has reportedly apologized abjectly, saying ‘Tommy Christopher is absolutely right, I have no idea what the f–k ‘satire’ means. I should really just STFU right about now.'”

Whether or not Simon has learned from this episode that satire is not his strong suit, I’ve learned that I should never again take him seriously — at least not without triple-checking his every word and even his punctuation.

There’s more reaction to all of this HERE and HERE.




  1. You were easily fooled because you heard what you want to believe. Even more, you want others to believe such foolishness.

    No, Romney/Ryan are a team of an intelligent, caring and succesful businessman with a young, energetic, and brilliant politician who understands the fiscal calamity we face and is willing to propose serious solutions to the problem.


    The headlines this weekend were all about the boos Paul Ryan elicited on Friday when he addressed the AARP, the self-styled seniors’ lobby. The herd of independent media minds missed the real story, which is that the Republican Vice Presidential nominee went into the heart of the entitlement culture, told some hard truths, and even won applause for doing so.

    Mr. Ryan deserves credit merely for showing up at an organization that portrays itself as nonpartisan but whose leadership is dominated by long-time liberals who consistently pursue the Democratic Party’s entitlement agenda.


    Largely unreported, however, was the applause Mr. Ryan received. That came in response to his criticism of ObamaCare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board, the 15 “unaccountable bureaucrats” empowered under the Affordable Care Act to make cuts to Medicare that Mr. Ryan rightly said will “jeopardize access to care.” The payment board is largely shielded from Congressional review precisely so it can ration care with little democratic oversight. This is how Mr. Obama will rein in Medicare costs—whether seniors like it or not.

    The Wisconsin Congressman was also cheered for his promise that his Medicare premium-support reform would “force insurance companies to compete against each other to better serve seniors, with more help for the poor and the sick—and less help for the wealthy.”

    Perhaps most striking, Mr. Ryan even earned some applause when he discussed Social Security reform, including “slightly raising the retirement age over time and slowing the growth of benefits for those with higher incomes.” Raising the retirement age used to be anathema and AARP still opposes it.


    The press corps likes to whine that politicians duck the “hard choices,” but when a politician doesn’t duck they quickly call it politically foolish and a lost cause. That’s what they’re now doing on Medicare, repeating the Obama campaign’s spin that seniors oppose reform even as the polls show Republicans doing better on the issue than usual.

    Everyone knows that Medicare spending can’t continue on its current course, and one difference in this campaign is that Mr. Ryan is willing to say so while Mr. Obama and his media and AARP phalanx pretend otherwise.

  2. Calm down, doc. I’ve admitted my error here, which is more than you’ve ever done when you’ve eagerly bought into B.S. from your right-wing sources.

    And you’re still buying into Romney’s lies, which are countless and become more numerous with each passing day.

  3. Luke Fredrickson

    Too bad for the teanuts this article is NOT satire:

    “Polls Point to Larger Lead for Obama in Ohio and Florida”


  4. By the way, doc, your comment on my initial post regarding this matter suggests that you probably didn’t know Simon’s piece was satire either — until you read elsewhere that it was.

    Even Simon now admits that he screwed-up.

  5. Even this right-wing blogger, among others of his ilk, initially fell for Simon’s piece:


  6. I am calm. I am laughing at how you and the rest of the press have been suckered twice this week. SQUIRREL!

    The entire point of my original comment on your original post was that it was satire. My point is that too many people want to take the focus of the election off of the hard cold facts that we face as a country.

    We DO have a fiscal crisis.

    Our entitlements DO need reform.

    We ARE mired in the most tepid economy recovery and a true jobless recovery.

    The Middle East is a mess and there are millions of Islamic fundamentalists who DO want to destroy Israel and kill us.

    That is all this election should be about yet squirrels somehow keep ending up on the front page.

    I wonder why the Democrats and the President don’t want to talk about real issues?

  7. Well who is the guy calling folks morons on this blog, oh it is our all knowing Pat Cunningham.
    You are the real Charlie Tuna here, hook line and sinker.
    “Even this right-wing blogger, among others of his ilk, initially fell for Simon’s piece:”

    Well stupid has no political affiliation, but you keep drinking that kool-aid.

  8. Chuck Sweeny

    As I said on Facebook this morning, journalists seem to have forgotten Rule I: If your mother says she loves you, check it out.

  9. Doc said:
    “We DO have a fiscal crisis.”
    Yes the same one caused by the Republican “rats”. Were you complaining when they ran the debt up to $10 trillion?
    Then this:
    “Our entitlements DO need reform.”
    Yes, but not taken away as the Republican “rats” would do. 78% of Americans are in favor of S.S. and Medicare. It needs to be adjusted, but not to the extreme of the “rat” party. “Rats” forget that the majority rules.
    And then this:
    “We ARE mired in the most tepid economy recovery and a true jobless recovery.”
    Brought to you by the obstructionist “rats.”
    And this:
    “The Middle East is a mess and there are millions of Islamic fundamentalists who DO want to destroy Israel and kill us.”
    The Middle East has been a mess for a long time. Tell us what Reagan did after the Beirut Barracks were bombed in Oct, 1983, and 241 military were killed. Nothing, that’s what.
    What did he do when the Beirut American Embassy was bombed in Apr. 1983? 17 Americans dead. He did nothing.
    How about when the American Embassy in Kuwait was bombed in Dec. 1983? Nothing.
    The second Beirut Embassy was blown up in Sept.1984. Nothing.
    In Oct 2000 the USS Cole was bombed, and it wasn’t known until GWB was president, who did it. He chose to do nothing.
    All of this do nothing allowed Hezbollah and al Qaeda to gain power.
    Doc said:
    “I wonder why the Democrats and the President don’t want to talk about real issues?”
    Maybe you should rephrase that. Why don’t the Republican “rats” want to talk about real issues. I guess they don’t have to. Just keep telling lies and throw in some voter suppression, and the Republican “rats” can make it work in their favor.
    Better put your life jacket on, Doc. The Republican ship is sinking and some of the “rats” are jumping off already.

  10. Oh look. Another animal for the menagerie! Cool!

  11. Must be a slow nite at the immediate care, eh doc? That’s OK. You can just up-charge any sucker that does come in. You know, like 7600 of your brethren doctors do to Medicare patients. That’s part of the reason Medicare needs an adjustment. Billions in overcharges to the government by doctors.
    Hey, by the way! Crickets and fish are not animals. But you probably learned that in first year med, right?

  12. Hey Pat, did the “moonie” newspaper print that story as fact?

    On the bright side this puts you in an elite group with people like Krugman.

  13. Any Applesauce menagerie without crickets would just feel empty.

    You should really seek therapy for your hatred of physicians Tex. All of that hate is just going to raise your blood pressure. Then you’ll have all kinds of medical problems and end up right back at the doctor’s office.

    Do you know how many physicians there are in the US? I am not sure where you got the 7600 number, but even taken at face value, that is less than 1% of U.S. docs. Many of those convicted of Medicare fraud are actually other types of providers (physicians assistants etc) and those that are billing Medicare for equipment and other services.

    But you go right ahead and throw all of us under the bus. I’m not quite sure what you meant by the immediate care thing (that isn’t what I do), but with the way health care is headed in the country, immediate care or the nurse practitioner at your local Walgreens may be your best hope for access to care in about 5 years.


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