Yet again, the Drudge Report feeds nonsense to the booboisie

The implications of the banner headline above from the Drudge Report are pure baloney, as we see HERE:

Since 2009, there has been an urban myth that Obama created a program to provide free phones to low-income Americans at taxpayer expense. There is, in fact, a government program that will provide low-income people with a free or low cost cell phone. It was started in 2008 under George W. Bush.

The idea of providing low-income individuals with subsidized phone service was originated in the Reagan administration following the break-up of AT&T in 1984. (It was expanded and formalized by the Telecommunications Act of 1996.) The program is paid for by telecommunications companies through an independent non-profit, not through tax revenue.



  1. Wait, did you watch the video?

    Are you saying this woman was lying or some sort of right wing plant? I know your hoax meter is cranked up to high these days, but what is up with this woman?

    Your link shows that the program was started by Bush but that isn’t what this woman believes.

    I suspect the whole point of the commentary on the video is the woman’s attitude and what she says, not the facts of the program from which she apparently benefits.

  2. Come on, doc. The intent of the piece in the Drudge Report is to make the pinheads who read that stuff believe that Obama’s giving away cell phones to shiftless minorities. This kind of thing is an old Drudge trick.

    As the piece to which I linked notes, this urban legend about Obama’s free phones has been going around for three years.

    Drudge has a long, long history of race-baiting. Some of it is subtle, lots of it isn’t. Put the words “Drudge” and “race-baiting” in a Google search field and you’ll get more stuff than you can read in one sitting.

  3. I respectfully disagree.

    The intent of his post is to show the attitude of the average (apparently less than intelligent) Democratic voter.

    The headline is what the woman actually said. I wonder why she would believe that it was President Obama who “gave her a phone”?

    It wouldn’t be the constant barrage of BS from the Democrats and the media that paints the Republicans and big business as evil and bent on keeping the poor down would it? You know, the old racist, throw Grandma off the cliff thing?

    Of course it is and this is EXACTLY what Romney was reflecting in his ” 47% “secretly videotaped private party comments.

    This is a real woman who actually believes that the only way she gets to keep her free phone is if Obama gets re-elected.

    It’s sad really.

  4. By the way, doc, what the woman in the photo believes is irrelevant. There are countless fools in this country who still believe that Obama was born in Kenya or is the spawn of Satan. But Drudge never carries stories about them — except perhaps to lend them credence.

  5. That woman is no more the “average” Democratic voter than your typical Klansman is the average Republican voter.

    Get a grip, doc! You’re beginning to sound like a Drudge devotee, which raises questions about how the hell you ever got out of the University of Wisconsin.

    Drudge is a political guru to the dumbest of the dumb.

  6. Stop attacking Drudge. Who cares about Drudge? He is essentially an entertainer like everyone else in the media. It is about page views, papers sold, ratings for people like him.

    However, that doesn’t mean that the blind squirrel (get it? 🙂 ) doesn’t occasionally find a nut. I find this particular link and video to be both disturbing and sad. It isn’t racist or race baiting, it is the truth of what this woman believes is the key to her happiness in life.

    Even you must view that as somewhat disheartening.

  7. So you’re saying this woman voted for Bush in 2008?

  8. Give it up, doc. If you can’t see through Drudge’s game, you’re politically naive in the extreme.

    And I don’t find that woman’s remarks any more disheartening than the hateful crap I see and hear from the racist wingnuts in your party.

    Take these folks for example:


    Do you see anyone you know in there, doc? They’re all going to be voting your way in November. I’ll bet that makes you proud to be a Republican.

  9. By the way, doc, it looks like Neftali is trying to outdumb you on this subject. Look out! But my money is still on you. Anybody who can’t see through Matt Drudge’s racist agenda is none too bright.

    But then, you’ve never stood up to the fire-breathing racists in your party. Oh, you’ll disavow any racism on your part, but here you are representing that black woman on welfare as typical of the Democratic Party. And you’re silent about the extent to which racism has infested the GOP. It ain’t by accident that your party is most dominant in the Old Confederacy. It ain’t by accident that Strom Thurmond died a Republican after leaving the Democratic Party when it started pushing for civil rights.

    As the old saying goes, doc, if you lie down with dogs, you come up with fleas.

  10. doc: Are you there? I’m eagerly awaiting your usual defense-by-diversion to which you invariably resort any time I bring up the racists in your party.

    That’s exactly what you did in the comment thread on that video to which I linked in my comment just before this one.

    Oh, well. The hell with it. I’m quitting for the night.

  11. Sorry man, I have a life ya know. Now here’s the thing.

    Both candidates will have voters on the fringes of the left and of the right, people of whom they are not necessarily proud and certainly not people for whom they would vote for if the tables were turned. But every body gets a vote.

    The left and the right both have fringe lunatics who are evil or crazy and would break all sorts of laws in their zeal. We can both agree to disavow their ilk.

    Next we have what I will call the one steppers.

    One step closer to the center on the left are people like this woman who are utterly dependent on the government for their every need.

    One step closer to the center from the right are those who want the government out of their lives and would prefer to survive by their own wits.

    Then as we move closer to the center from both sides I suspect you have guys like you and me. Or at least like me, pretty convinced of their political beliefs but living more or less toward the middle on various issues.

    Given all I have said, and the fiscal calamity this country faces, we need to encourage more people to be in the camp of the one steppers on the right and help as many people as possible leave the dependency zone of the one steppers on the left. If you are against that simple idea then you are only playing the cynical games of class warfare and dependency politics.

  12. So Pat, Drudge in a news aggregator ( a computer software or website that aggregates news from other news sources)
    Why blame Drudge, he doesn’t write the stories. He needs traffic to pay the bills and this lady believes her phone came from our President.

    This is in contrast to the story about Paul Ryan vs. The Stench that the booboisie’s spread

  13. Milton Waddams

    It isn’t paid by a direct tax from the government, but it is paid by all other phone users in the form of the Universal Service Fee. So it is paid by taxpayers, it’s just a tax paid to a corporation, arguably worse than a tax to government.

  14. Jeremy Cantrell


    Will “booboisie” be added to the ever growing list of racially motivated code words our Republican speakers use daily?
    Why call them low life trash when you can add a large word that proves you’ve enjoy your own egocentricity more than the average Joe(Joe the Plumber?).

    Absquatulating words from a dictionary is easily done, it’s the point that proves your worth.


  15. Jeremy, Pat used it in the headline, try taking a class on comprehension or better yet learn to read. I see you can use a dictionary.

    “Yet again, the Drudge Report feeds nonsense to the booboisie”

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