A marine hammers a chickenhawk

Mitt Romney was all for the Vietnam War back in the ’60s, but he couldn’t bring himself to sign-up for military duty in that conflict.

People like that are known as chickenhawks — hawkish on war, but not willing to join in the fight.

Romney’s chickenhawk credentials were only made more dishonorable when he failed to make any mention of the troops who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan when he delivered his big speech at the Republican Convention last month.

For that omission, Romney got a stern scolding the other day from a certain retired marine.

The story is HERE.



  1. I am sure he directed the same stern warning to the current Commander- In- Chief.

    After all, President Obama actually has been fighting 2 wars, even escalating one of those. Let’s just hope his dallying on Iran doesn’t result in World War III.

  2. Prattle on, doc — you brave little war hawk, you!

  3. Two other things, doc:

    1. Jim Webb’s remarks about Romney — which were not, by the way, a “stern warning” so much as a well-deserved dressing-down — were made at a campaign rally for the current commander-in-chief. Webb has too much class and too much respect for military protocol to “warn” his commander-in-chief of anything.

    2. Rest assured that Iran won’t get any nuclear weapons on Obama’s watch. He’s been a better commander-in-chief than any of the Republicans for whom you’ve ever voted. He’s just not so all-fired willing to jump into war every time one of you pseudo-patriotic blow-hards start sounding the trumpet.

  4. By the way, there’s a widespread myth that the titles “president” and “commander-in-chief” are always interchangeable. They’re not.

    I’m not in the military and never have been. Therefore, I’ve never had a commander-in-chief.

    Garry Wills explains here: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/27/opinion/27wills.html?ex=1327554000&en=5b8f718b824b1473&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss&_r=0

  5. So let me understand. In the wacky liberal world of Cunningham, where nobody ever uses the term skill set again, if you have never served in the military you are barred from any comment or opinion on national security or any issue relating to the military?

    Then how could you ever have voted for Obama?

    Or Joe Biden for that matter. He is the embarrassment that keeps on giving.


  6. doc: You seem to get dumber with each passing hour. Seriously, you should take a remedial reading course.

    My point — and Garry Wills point — is that a president is not your commander-in-chief if you’re not in the military. He’s still THE commander-in-chief, but not yours. You don’t have a commander-in-chief.

    If you can’t understand that, find some high school kid who gets good grades to explain it to you.

    By the way, your hawkish friend Bibi Netanyahu seems to be ready to play patty-cake with Obama. As Time magazine reports in the wake of Bibi’s speech at the U.N.:

    Netanyahu’s speech on Thursday didn’t leave much for Romney to put in a press release. So, what changed in the past week that led Netanyahu to back off of Obama? Perhaps he got a look at recent polls showing Obama pulling ahead in key swing states and increasing his lead nationally. It’s one thing to put a finger on the scale when a race is close and quite another to flat out provoke the man he’s likely going to have to spend the next four years working with. Especially when Israel is due to hold elections next year. As the scripture says and Netanyahu well knows: “An eye for an eye.”

    Read more: http://swampland.time.com/2012/09/27/netanyahu-at-the-u-n-bibi-makes-nice-with-obama/#ixzz27mIEarvy

  7. By the way, Joe Biden has far, far more foreign policy experience than Romney. The Mittster’s only foreign experiences have been hiding out in France during the Vietnam War, visiting China to see the former American jobs he’s offshored, and visiting his tax-avoidance accounts in various far-flung locales.

    Biden was one of the longest-serving members of the U.S. Senate in American history, was a long-time member and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and helped bring about U.S. military assistance and intervention during the Bosnian War. His son Beau served in the military in the Iraq War. None of Romney’s five sons has ever served — just like their dad.

    I realize that all of this is a lot for you to digest in one sitting. But read it slowly several times and perhaps you’ll understand it. If you need help with some of the concepts, just holler. We’re here to serve the intellectually underprivileged.

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