If Obama’s such a redistributionist, why have the rich become so much richer on his watch?

The emptiness of Mitt Romney’s charge that President Obama is unfairly trying to redistribute wealth is laid bare HERE:

If President Barack Obama is trying to spread the wealth, he doesn’t have much to show for it.

Republican Mitt Romney has attacked the president for supporting the use of government programs to redistribute income and for a free-spending response to the 2008 financial crisis.

Yet since Obama took office in January 2009, wealthy Americans have continued to pull away from the rest of society. In the aftermath of the recession, income inequality in the U.S. reached a new high in 2011, Census Bureau data show.

Even as the president has decried the hollowing out of the middle class, the fortunes of labor and capital have diverged on his watch. Quarterly corporate profits of $1.9 trillion have almost doubled since the end of 2008, while workers’ inflation- adjusted average hourly earnings have declined.



  1. I guess you can mark that up as another failure. He needs four more years to turn that around as well.

  2. Lame response, Wilson. Better try again.

  3. Because he caved on the tax increases he and his party wanted. You know why? Because he is smart enough to know that they would have been enough to slow an economy that is only growing at the most tepid of rates. First and foremost, as a first term President, he is most worried about being a 2 term President. If he get’s re-elected then the redistribution fun will kick into high gear. In fact, much of it is already scheduled to take effect. See fiscal cliff.

    As Tony Horton says “get ready, because it’s coming”

  4. Ah, the second-term bugaboo! Doc, you sound like the gun nuts who are sure that Obama will endeavor in his second term to take their firearms from under their pillows.

    Well, we’re all going to find out, aren’t we? He will, in fact, win that second term. You see, for all his faults, he’s head and shoulders above your party’s nominee.

  5. Willard’s going around in circles trying to pull the old redistribution play as his team faces 4th and 20 with the clock ticking.

  6. Except neither of you refuted the essential truth of my comment.

    The redistribution Obamaand the Democrats wants is coming, in fact has already been legislated and signed into law.

    All cleverly, but obviously, delayed until after he can secure re-election.

    Should we pull a Thelma and Louise? You know, we could all hold hands and scream in joy as we plunge off of the fiscal cliff?

  7. Luke Fredrickson

    Should we pull a Thelma and Louise? You know, we could all hold hands and scream in joy as we plunge off of the fiscal cliff?



    Romney trickle down = true fiscal nightmare. Just ask Mr. Trickle himself, David Stockman.

  8. So Luke thinks the actual impending fiscal bomb set to go off in 2013 is a squirrel eh? Why am I not surprised.

    The conglomeration of tax hikes, spending cuts and increased regulation that is already legislated to occur?

    I am sure our roaring economy will continue to roar like a lion stung by a tiny mosquito (look more animals for the Applesauce menagerie!) right Luke? This won’t impact our already fabulous economic growth will it Luke?

  9. Just one more question Luke. If this is all going to go so swimmingly well, why the delays until after the election?

  10. Obama took us away from the abyss when he cleaned up much of Bush’s mess. Finally we are starting to see improvement despite the obstructionist goperbaggers who are pushing to feed the rich while advocating a policy for others to fend for themselves.

  11. Finally we are starting to see improvement?

    You should stop watching MSNBC.

    Even if this current economy is your idea of improvement, the fiscal cliff still looms.

  12. Luke Fredrickson

    Fiscal bomb? Squirrel.

    Tax hikes? Squirrel x 2. My taxes went down thanks to Obama.

    Keep chasing the lies doc. Most of us don’t buy it (if you believe the polls!).

    Maybe in 2016 you teanuts won’t nominate another loser.

  13. Luke Fredrickson

    Gotta give you credit for the awesome phrase “actual impending fiscal bomb” though… so dire sounding and seemingly factual!

    What a mindless parrot.

  14. Luke Fredrickson

    If this country really faced “fiscal bomb” and it needed to be disarmed, please tell me with a straight face that GWB-era policies would do the trick.

    I can just imagine…

    The clock’s ticking Mitt! Which wire will you cut?! The one that dooms 47% of America?

  15. Luke Fredrickson

    So will Mitt whip out a cartoon bomb at the debates? And draw a red line to show this is SERIOUS!?

    Most of us know Mitt would just toss that bomb at the working class like a hot potato, and walk away. Bain style.

  16. Mindless parrot. Yeah! Another animal for the Applesauce menagerie.

    Luke, look for another source your information. Your mind has been melted by the liberal media.

    Try CNN. They’re usually not too bad.

    If you want to read this and still keep your head in the sand, go ahead, then we can add ostrich to the menagerie. But don’t call me stupid or mindless or even bother my friend the squirrel just because you don’t want to hear the truth.

    Now leave me alone, I have to get in my car to drive to Rockford to meet some friends tonight and then on to Chicago. Have a nice weekend.


    CEOs of major U.S. companies expect to hire fewer people and invest less in the next six months because of uncertainty surrounding the fiscal cliff.

    The automatic tax increases and across-the-board spending cuts that could take effect next year throw “cold water on long term planning,” said W. James McNerney, CEO of Boeing (BA, Fortune 500) and Business Roundtable board chairman.

    CEO economic expectations are at their lowest level since the third quarter of 2009, according to a survey conducted by the Business Roundtable, a lobbying group of CEOs of top companies such as Honeywell International (HON, Fortune 500), Dow Chemical (DOW, Fortune 500), Xerox (XRX, Fortune 500) and General Electric (GE, Fortune 500).

    Only 29% of CEOs said they expect to hire more employees in the next six months, down from 36% in the last quarter. Company leaders are also cutting back on capital spending plans: just 30% expected to increase spending, compared to 43% last quarter.

    Congress has until the midnight of Dec. 31 to act to prevent a series of tax cuts from expiring and to stop funding cuts to hundreds of federal programs.

    If Congress does nothing, the U.S. will go over the fiscal cliff, triggering $7 trillion worth of tax increases and spending cuts. That will take more than $500 billion out of the economy in 2013 alone.

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