Do the talking heads on Fox News ever bother to look at their own network’s polls on the presidential race?

Every day, the Web site RealClearPolitics publishes an average of the latest polls on the presidential race. Today’s average of the seven most recent polls shows President Obama leading Mitt Romney by 4.3 percentage points.

One of those seven polls is from from Fox News, and it shows Obama ahead by  5 percentage points — a little bit more than the average.

So, how come the nitwit talking heads on Fox News Channel are forever whining that the polls are all biased by the “liberal” media that commission them?

Here’s a funny mashup of such whining by the three stooges on FNC’s morning show the other day.



ADDENDUM: This hypocrisy at Fox News seems also to have OCCURRED to Wolf Blitzer:

On Thursday’s “CNN Newsroom,” Blitzer said it was very “convenient” for Republicans and people on Fox News to demean the polls. But, he added, there was a big flaw in their arguments.

“What they don’t say is that the Fox News polls are showing almost exactly the same thing,” Blitzer said, reeling off a string of numbers. “…You don’t hear them complaining about the Fox News polls. They’re complaining about the others. So there’s an imbalance there.”


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  1. The media isnt bias? How much have you heard about here in Massachusetts, Senate candadit Elizabeth Warren doesnt have a liscense to practice law. But has been for years. Or about how she claims to be a Native American. Every group who has done ancestry reports on her has found out she isnt. She used that claim to get herself a job at Harvard U. One which 8 of the 10 professors went to top ten schools to be there teaching. He and one other didnt, but the other who didn’t was also one of the 2 claiming minority status, He is a full blooded native american. The other one claiming it, Liz Warren. She also has a commercial running saying her parents needed to elope to get married because one set of granparents didnt agree with the others minority status… People have come forward with pictures from the wedding… Have you heard about any of that? There is no Media bias, My ASS!

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