Another weekly roundup of Romney’s falsehoods

It’s time for another edition of our regular Friday feature on Mitt Romney’s aversion to truth.

As usual, OUR SOURCE is progressive blogger Steve Benen. Be sure to check the bottom of Steve’s post for links to 36 previous collections of Mitt’s mendacity.



  1. Neftali

    Al Gore blamed Obama’s performance on the altitude. Now the far left crazies, desperate to find an excuse, are accusing Romney of cheating.


    fwiw….I watched the entire debate on CSPAN, which showed a split screen the entire time. At the end before Romney’s closing remarks, he clearly took the handkerchief out to wipe away the perspiration from his upper lip. I recall thinking that it reminded me of a scene from Frost/Nixon, where Nixon said that one of the reasons he did poorly in the debate against Kennedy was because the television public noticed his sweat on his upper lip.

  2. kevinb1986

    Al Gore was hiding from the statement even while he was making it. He felt like he HAD to hang it out there even though it smelled so bad. I still don’t understand why the left can’t just say “okay, our guy blew this one – we’ll be better prepared next time”. The bully argument is the stupidest one – if Romney can bully Obama during a debate, what chance does Obama have against actual world leaders behind closed doors? It feels so much like flailing. It seems like excuses are the standard MO now.

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