Mother of Navy SEAL killed in Libya tells Romney to shut up about her son

Mitt Romney has been making a big deal of late about once having met former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, who was killed in a terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, a month ago tomorrow.

Friends of Doherty say Romney is misrepresenting the encounter, and Doherty’s mom wants Romney to quit talking about it for political gain. She says:

I don’t trust Romney. He shouldn’t make my son’s death part of his political agenda. It’s wrong to use these brave young men, who wanted freedom for all, to degrade Obama.

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  1. Romney never once directly mentioned the soldiers name. His only statements were, “I met some remarkable people, one of whom was a former Navy SEAL,” Romney said. “I just learned a few days ago that he was one of the two former Navy SEALs killed in Benghazi. It broke my heart.”

    Note he didn’t politicize anything. The liberals are acting like he said “How dare Obama kill this person!” When the only thing Romney expressed was a moment of sympathy.

    But I guess the future Commander in Chief is not allowed express sympathy for those under his command. Its the liberals that are politicizing this into something ugly, not Romney.

  2. Is that going to be your only mention of Libya Mr. C.? It seems like Mr. Obama has ALOT more to apologize for on that count than does Mr. Romney.

    Since you are trying your best to avoid this explosive topic, here is a detailed timeline to get you up to speed.

    Note that the administration failed to heed warnings of imminent attack and then tried to obfuscate and blame the attack on a protest that escalated out of control.

    Even I know that President Obama is smart enought to connect the dots on a terrorist attack, executed on September 11 with Al Qaeda. For he and his administration to say anything else is disingenuous at best and an outright coverup at the worst.


    Sept. 26:

    Libya’s Magarief tells NBC’s Today show that the attack was a pre-planned act of terrorism “directed against American citizens.”

    Sept. 27:

    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says, “I think it pretty clearly was a terrorist attack.”

    Oct. 1:

    Nuland declines to address reports that embassy officials in Libya were seeking additional security in Benghazi and denied. “I think it’s fair to say that we are still working through what we have in this building in terms of documentation, in terms of information about what we knew, who knew it, when they knew it, and that’s part of the process that we have to go through,” she says.

    Oct. 2:

    Carney declines to discuss reports of requests from diplomats in Libya for more security due to the State Department’s internal investigation, he says.

  3. Murdered ex-SEAL’s mother frustrated by pace of Benghazi investigation site;foreignpolicy.com

    Via HotAir
    “Tapper to WH on Benghazi: So, wouldn’t it be President Obama who shot first and aimed later?”

    Anyone see a scandal? Was it the movie? was it terrorism?

  4. doc said: “Carney declines to discuss reports of requests from diplomats in Libya for more security due to the State Department’s internal investigation, he says.”

    Hey doc. Why don’t you tell us why the Republicans voted to cut funding for embassy security by $128 million in 2011 and another $331 million in 2012, over Hillary Clinton’s objections?

    And now the right has opened an investigation into what happened, attempting to score some points. You Republicans are pathetic.

  5. Presuming your facts are correct, why did the President sign such cuts into law? Does he not like his own Sec. of State?

    Cuts or not, the evidence seems to point specifically to multiple requests from that embassy staff for more protection.

    Are you saying Hillary was playing some sort of gotcha game with the Republicans by pulling security knowing they thought they were at risk?

    Does this all mean you support Mitt Romney because he wants to add more money to the defense budget?

  6. and then there is this.


    According to a Democratic staff memo obtained by The Hill, the House cut the two State Department accounts for “Worldwide Security Protection” and “Embassy Security, Construction and Maintenance” by a total of $459 million in 2011 and 2012 below the Obama administration’s funding request. The Democrat-controlled Senate was able to reinstate $88.25 million — still $370.7 million lower than what the administration wanted.

    Republicans are crying foul.

    Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said more Democrats than Republicans — including Cummings — voted for those bills and called them a “bipartisan” effort. Republicans pointed to a July 2012 report from the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction that found $200 million in waste to justify the cuts.

    And Republicans on the committee say that the 16-person Site Security Team that the State Department decided not to keep in the country past August was funded through the Department of Defense budget, not State, and “had nothing to do with State Department budgetary shortfalls or concerns.”

    Democrats have also sought to tie Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to embassy security cuts. They argue the budget blueprint put forward by his running mate, Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), would have cut non-defense discretionary funding by 19 percent by 2014 — which translates to about $300 million in cuts for “Embassy Security, Construction, and Maintenance.”

  7. nef said: “Its the liberals that are politicizing this into something ugly, not Romney.”

    Ha!! Romney introduced himself to this guy 4 times in the span of a half hour, at the party. He couldn’t even remember that he had met the guy already. Then today he talks like he was good friends with the guy talking about skiing and other things. Seems to me that Romney is politicizing this guy’s death, for his advantage.
    This incident and his flip-flopping the last week make me wonder if his wife is onto something about this guy’s mental health. His many years of campaigning may be getting to him. Maybe we should see his health record.

  8. Here ya go Tex. And from a Harvard staff member too.


  9. Jim Hefner

    Well Big Bird told Obumble to shut up.

  10. Darrell Issa (the felon) who has no credibility likes to bring attention to himself. He wouldn’t let Sandra Fluke testify but allowed several men to comment before his committee. Now he’s trying to show at the risk of revealing the CIA’s involvement how Obama slept at the wheel. Oh and let’s not forget the entire lapse by GW prior to 911. Romney and his ilk do need to “shut up”.

  11. doc said:” Does this all mean you support Mitt Romney because he wants to add more money to the defense budget?”

    The protection of embassies does not come under the defense budget. Embassies are protected by the Diplomatic Security Service which comes under the Department of State budget.

    The Marines who serve at embassies are there to protect the interior and contents of embassies.

    The Diplomatic Security Service has variety of jobs, but they are in charge of protecting the main embassy compound.

  12. Doc posts Romney’s health disclosure.

    Hmmm! A brain concussion in 1968, and a family history of heart attacks. The concussion would explain a few things. The family history of heart attacks is very disconcerting. Especially seeing who would be only a heartbeat away from the presidency.

  13. That is a brilliant medical analysis Tex. Yet his physician proclaimed him in excellent health.

    As far as embassy budgets go, do you think that the money they used to do this (below) , might have instead been spent on security? I bet the families of those killed in Libya think so.


    The U.S. military’s newspaper, Stars & Stripes, recently reported that the Pentagon is buying Chevy Volts in a 1,500 electric-vehicle purchase, as part of the Defense Department’s “green initiatives,” which seek to reduce the country’s dependence on foreign energy sources.

    A recent Congressional Budget Office study challenged the assumption that electric vehicles have any impact on such dependence, prompting the question of why the government is spending money this way. Against the backdrop of the attack on our embassy in Benghazi, and looming embassy security cuts due to sequestration, it appears politics and ideology are trumping common sense.

    A little poking around the web raises additional questions about government Volt purchases. A State Department contract from March of this year details the purchase of a Chevy Volt for $47,500 for use at a U.S. embassy in Norway. The sticker price for a 2013 model year is $39,145 (before the $7,500 tax credit upon individual purchase). Obviously the government doesn’t get a tax credit because it’s not an individual income tax filer. But it left me wondering, why did the State Department pay $47,500 instead of $39,145? Why did they pay an extra $8,000?

    Then I noticed that the State Department also paid over $108,000 for another contract, dated May of this year, for a Volt-specific charging station at our embassy in Vienna, Austria. But according to GM’s Volt FAQ site (“Charging” –> “Charging station — Preparing for your Volt”):

    Every Volt comes standard with a 120V portable charge cord that can plug into most common household outlets and will fully charge a Volt in about 10 hours, depending on outdoor temperature. You can also have a 240V charging station (additional cost plus installation) professionally installed in your home that will reduce the charging time to about four hours.

    Even if a consumer needs an electrical converter, the 240V dedicated charging stations cost, at most, around $2,000 (and guess what? consumers get tax credits for these, too). What did the embassy spend the extra $100K on?

    And this is where it actually starts to get ridiculous. The State Department also recently threw a big party (photos of two Chevy Volts at the event here) to celebrate the “greening” of the American Embassy in Vienna. There’s actually a “League of Green Embassies” website.

  14. doc said: ” his physician proclaimed him in excellent health.”

    I knew several people who died of heart attacks after their doctors pronounced them in good health. I shudder to think the “little man” would be next in line.

    doc posted: Against the backdrop of the attack on our embassy in Benghazi, and looming embassy security cuts due to sequestration, it appears politics and ideology are trumping common sense.

    That’s for sure. The Republicans (and doc) are foaming at the mouth trying to pin something on the President.

  15. Just the facts tex.

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