A little Paul Ryan to get you in the mood for tonight’s debate

We’ll see if the Janesville Genius tries any of this stuff with Joe Biden.




  1. Joe Biden is trying his best to be a bulldog. He is dangerously close to looking like an ass.

  2. Biden is a complete ass. But he won the debate. Ryan could have matched his aggressiveness and neglected to do so.

  3. I am not sure I agree Neftali. Ryan’s job was to look like he had the knowledge and demeanor to be president and he did that. As one of my Facebook friends noted Biden looked like the drunk guy in the bar who thinks he sounds smart because he is talking louder than everyone else.

    Watching the independent tracker bar on the bottom off CNN I feel like it was a draw. Biden looked better on the foreign policy issues and Ryan on the economic issues but only slightly

  4. It wasn’t a draw. Biden clearly won. Only Biden’s immature mannerisms and constant whining about time allotted (even though he received more of it) prevented it from being a knockdown.

    On the 47% – Everyone in the country knew Biden would bring it up, except for Ryan I guess. You would have thought he would have had a better prepared rebuttal for it, but he didn’t. Romney publicly apologized for his mistake the day after the debate, so I was waiting for Ryan to bring that up, but he neglected to do such. So Biden rightfully continued to hammer away at the point.

    On Afghanistan – Biden mopped the floor with Ryan here. It wasn’t even close here.

    On ObamaCare – A draw here. Ryan should have won decisively, but didn’t.

    On Abortion – I’m pro-choice, so my instincts are with Biden. Biden also nailed it about the future Supreme Court nominations. Ryan could have easily have at least made a case about Kagan’s zero court room experience, or at least had some kind of prepared statement that he wouldn’t seek to end abortion outright, but unlike Romney, Ryan really does want to take away a woman’s choice, so he had no comeback.

    On Performance – Biden became annoying, dismissive, and ruffled at times. Very unprofessional. He could have scored a knockout blow if he would have kept his cool throughout. Ryan repeatedly drank a bunch of water, which made him appear nervous.

    Finally, can’t believe Ryan was stupid enough to bring up Jack Kennedy. You would think he would have learned from Dan Quayle. Fortunately, even though Lloyd Benton won that debate, he lost the election. Hopefully the same will happen this time around.

  5. Too harsh Neftali.

    Biden’s tactic was to not let Ryan make a point. That might fire up the liberal loonies but it fell flat with independents. I heard this morning that Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times. That’s embarrassing for Biden and Obama.

    All of the post debate polling I saw was split and the 2 groups of undecideds I saw were unchanged in their opinion.

    The only danger for the Republicans last night was that Ryan would look unprepared or say something stupid. He did neither. In fact he looked knowledgable, prepared and calm and only deviated from calm when he was frustrated that Biden wouldn’t let him complete a sentence.

  6. Old Joe took it to Lyin Ryan and the wingnuts are crying foul. Not only was boy wonder intimidated with Biden but Martha Raddatz as well.

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