Can you identify the voice in this Obama ad?

The first reader to correctly answer the question in the headline will receive a prize of one million dollars — but only in the event that some distant relative of mine dies and leaves me a coffee plantation in Brazil.





  1. Too easy.

    Top three greatest voices of my life experience. Ever since the Electric Company.

  2. doc: Sorry, but that answer doesn’t qualify you for the big prize.

    And you get no second chances.

  3. Darn it!

    I was counting on the big prize to make my life worth living.

    I’ll just have to pop in Driving Miss Daisy. It always puts me in a good mood.

  4. Morgan Freeman

    You can keep the million. I don’t need it!! I’m on Social Security

  5. little tex you better take it, because if we have 4 more years it probably won’t be there or it will be cut substantially.

  6. Wilson: Do you have your brain on backwards, again? It’s your hero Mitty that will cut S.S. Or was that last week? Or last month? I can’t keep up with the guy. His pal the “Little Man” was GWB’s point man on doing away with S.S. Where have you been, Wilson? On a Pacific island with Tom Hanks?

  7. http://articles.latimes.com/2012/apr/24/nation/la-na-medicare-report-20120424

    The nation’s Social Security and Medicare programs are sliding closer to insolvency, the federal government warned in a new report underscoring the fiscal challenges facing the two mammoth retirement programs as baby boomers begin to retire.

    Medicare, which will provide health insurance to more than 50 million elderly and disabled Americans this year, is expected to start operating in the red in its largest fund in 2024, according to the annual assessment by the trustees charged with overseeing the programs. That’s unchanged from last year.

    And the Social Security trust fund, which will provide assistance to more than 45 million people in 2012, will be unable under current trends to fulfill its obligations in 2033, three years earlier than projected last year.

    “We must take steps to keep these programs whole for the future,” Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, the senior trustee, told reporters Monday.

  8. Clint’s good friend.

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