Most Americans see solid evidence of global warming

Persistent efforts by the anti-science crowd, especially Republican politicians, to foster skepticism about global warming aren’t very successful among Americans in general these days, as we see HERE:

The percentage of Americans who say there is “solid evidence” of global warming is the highest its been in the past five years, at 67 percent overall, a new study from the Pew Research Center published Monday found. 

The 67 percent who agreed that there is “solid evidence that the earth’s average temperature has been getting warmer over the past few decades,” is up from 63 percent in 2011 and up 10 points from the nadir of 57 percent in 2009. It’s the highest since 2008, when 71 percent said they believed the Earth was heating up.

The rebound in belief of global warming was seen across party lines, with 48 percent of self-identified Republicans saying there was evidence of global warming, up from 35 percent in 2009. Democrats, too, were up at 85 percent this year from 75 percent in 2009.



  1. Eliminating fossil fuel subsidies would be a good beginning to cleaning mother earth.

  2. Steverino – You’re correct. Unfortunately, it would also probably plunge us back into a recession. Remember, petroleum isn’t used just for gasoline and oil. Check out this list of every day products still made from fossil fuels.


  3. Cutting subsidies would plunge us into a recession? Research indicates that if subsidies were cut the average American would only spend a few dollars more per year for petroleum products. Oil companies like to scare folks.

  4. Your viewpoint is nonsensical Steverino.

    If eliminating subsidies would have almost no effect on the cost of oil and other petroleum byproducts then it would not decrease utilization at all.

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