Republican candidate: Democrats don’t believe in Jesus


The guy in the photo above only looks like Lou Dobbs of Fox News. Actually, he’s even dimmer than Dobbs, as we see HERE:

A candidate for State Senate in Kansas believes that Catholics, and Christians more broadly, who support Democrats cannot be true believers in Christ. Republican Steve Fitzgerald, challenging incumbent Catholic Democrat Kelly Kultala, told the left-leaning Polish American Club that the Democratic Party had become un-Christian.


Fitzgerald explicitly excommunicated his opponent, saying that “she calls herself a Catholic and I don’t know how she does that.” However, on the issues Fitzgerald cites, American Catholics are much more in line with Kultala than him: two-thirds support keeping abortion legal, and three-quarters favor either full marriage equality or civil unions, with a plurality supporting the former. Catholic theology on assisting the poor is also far more in line with Democratic policy priorities, which seek to sustain a strong social safety net, than Republican ones.


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  1. dogrescuer

    Fitzgerald is an idiot, but whether or not Democrats, or anyone else, believe in Jesus should have absolutely nothing to do with political leadership. I believe religion is a big campaign issue because it allows candidates to talk about how sanctimonious they are while avoiding important issues.

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