What Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital has done to my hometown

As a native of Freeport, I am sickened and angered by the story this video tells.




  1. Where is the video showing what decades of Democratic leadership have done to Chicago? Detroit?


  2. Doc – You mean the Cubs and Lions?

  3. Democrats own the Cubs and the Lions?

    Forget the curse of the goat. That explains a whole lot.

  4. Bradley Gummow

    Pat, Perhaps you should find out how actively involved Mr. Romney was at the time. Should his name be attatched if he is no longer a decision maker? This all sounds a “little over the edge”

  5. At the beginning of the video it states that Mitt Romney owns 8 million worth of Bain funds . That does not mean he is the one who decided to move the plant .

  6. Bain Capital invested heavily in companies that relocated jobs overseas to China and India. This happened over a period of 15 years when Willard was active with Bain. Sensata is another example of how Bain manages a company for their investors from a template that was used for many years and it’s hypocritical for Willard to now claim he will save jobs from going overseas.

  7. Why is it hypocritical?

    He understands exactly the forces that make it more profitable for jobs to go overseas. His job at Bain was to make companies more profitable for investors. His job as President will be to make America more attractive for business.

    Who would know better how to fix the system and change the incentives for companies to keep jobs here?

  8. Luke Fredrickson

    It’s hypocritical because all of Mitt’s CASH is also kept overseas, where it does absolutely nothing to create U.S. jobs.

    But it sure saves Mitt a few bucks. Heck, let’s give the fat cats even more subsidies! The small businesses in the Cayman Islands need infusion of our tax dollars.

  9. Romney’s a hypocrite for wearing the American flag on his lapel. He hid out in France, to avoid going to Viet-Nam. He keeps his money outside the U.S. And he sends jobs to a communist country. Some patriot. He doesn’t deserve to be President.

  10. Luke. It is his cash why do you care where he keeps it. Irrelevant. As Romney pointed out Obama has money in the Cayman Islands too.


    What was the name of that book detailing Obama’s war hero years again? I heard it’s a great read.
    Short but great.

  11. doc said: “What was the name of that book detailing Obama’s war hero years again?”

    What’s the name of your book, doc? You and Obama are about the same age. There was a draft when Romney was eligible. It stated all American males were to register and serve their country. Chicken hawks like Romney and Cheney (and GWB) liked to talk tough, and let others do the fighting.

  12. doc said:” It is his cash why do you care where he keeps it. Irrelevant.”

    It’s relevant if he is doing it to avoid taxes. If he is doing it to avoid taxes then he should take the flag pin off his lapel.

    Do you have evidence that Obama has money in the Cayman Islands or are you just a Romney parrot? If Obama has money there, is he paying taxes on it? He does show his tax returns, doesn’t he?

  13. Luke Fredrickson

    Doc, let me make it plainer for you.

    1. Mitt wants us to believe he is the best leader for our economy because he has experience building businesses and creating jobs.

    2. To support people like him, the “job creators” in the uppermost tax bracket, Mitt would lower their taxes so they can be just like Mitt, a job creator. Investing that money in American job creation.

    3. But wait, if they do act just like Mitt, their extra cash will get stashed overseas where it does NOTHING to create American jobs. No trickle, all suck.

    4. Romney is a greedy, lying, unpatriotic hypocrite. QED.

  14. It’s much better to triple the national debt, buy off dozens of failed “green” companies to the tune of hundreds of millions, and run unemployment I’ve 8% (but twice that if you’re a minority).

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