Republican Senate candidate says pregnancies resulting from rape are what God intended

Not to be outdone by Todd Akin, the infamous expert on “legitimate rape,” another Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate has stepped forward to lend his own slant to the issue of pregnancies that result from rape.

He’s Richard Mourdock (above), and HERE‘s his story:

Top Republicans were slow to embrace tea party-backed Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock after he ousted a longtime GOP senator from office. Though he eventually won their support – and money – Mourdock could see both fade after telling a live television audience that when a woman becomes pregnant during a rape, “that’s something God intended.”    

Mourdock, who’s been locked in one of the country’s most expensive and closely watched Senate races, was asked during the final minutes of a debate Tuesday night whether abortion should be allowed in cases of rape or incest.    

“I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God. And, I think, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen,” Mourdock said.

Mourdock became the second GOP Senate candidate to find himself on the defensive over comments about rape and pregnancy. Missouri Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin said in August that women’s bodies have ways of preventing pregnancy in cases of what he called “legitimate rape.” Since his comment, Akin has repeatedly apologized but has refused to leave his race despite calls to do so by leaders of his own party, from GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on down…

Romney distanced himself from Mourdock on Tuesday night – a day after a television ad featuring the former Massachusetts governor supporting the GOP Senate candidate began airing in Indiana. 

“Gov. Romney disagrees with Richard Mourdock’s comments, and they do not reflect his views,” Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said in an email to The Associated Press. Romney aides would not say whether the ad would be pulled and if the Republican presidential nominee would continue to support Mourdock’s Senate bid.

UPDATE: Speaking of Republicans and rape, a GOP fundraiser accused of multiple rapes has TAKEN HIS OWN LIFE.



  1. and with that, any chance the Republicans had of winning back the Senate are gone. Missouri and Indiana should have been easy victories, instead they will swing Democratic.

    Couple that with Fauxcahontas winning in Massachusetts and the Republican Wrestling lady losing in Connecticut…..plus Republicans are behind in the Ohio, Florida, and Virginia Senate races….ugh. Oh well, at least things a looking better in the House:


  2. Of course he didn’t say God intended for the rape to happen.

    He said life is a gift from God.

    I bet he would say abortion is murder too.

  3. doc: But, of course, abortion is NOT murder.

    Murder is a legal term, and abortion is not illegal.

  4. By the way, doc, it’s a little strange to figure that God would present this gift of pregnancy by way of a rape.

    What kind of god would do that?

  5. Since the GOP continues to outdo itself with outrageous comments about women, their bodies, etc., I now get almost as much joy out of watching wingnuts try to defend or spin those comments. Keep it up, Expdoc. You’re doing great.

  6. You apparently think that a life conceived in such circumstances has no value. I would say it has great value.

    Your attitude is typical of the hardened liberal mindset, but incredibly sad.

  7. My understanding of New Testament scripture is that God doesn’t intend bad things to happen, but God can make good come of whatever does happen in our sinful world. Anyone who would go beyond that is on shaky theological ground, IMHO, and might profit from a close reading of the Book of Job to learn about the perils of thinking you understand the mind and intentions of God.

  8. Monkey,

    Having seen what I have in medicine, I have absolutely no problem “defending life”. I don’t believe there is legitimate rape or any such crazy notion. Rape is a heinous crime, always.

    However, the life that might be generated from rape is innocent and valuable.


  9. dogrescuer

    Pat sez, “What kind of god would do that?”
    The answer is an imaginary god, one people call upon to lend authority to their petty personal opinions. I don’t believe the real creator God pays any attention to human made-up religious blathering!

  10. So my opinion that all human life is valuable is petty.


    So how would you rate the opinion of someone who believes abortion should be available for any reason that the mother desires?

  11. doc: Regarding your “opinion that all human life is valuable,” a few questions arise:

    Do you agree with the hierarchy of your church that in vitro fertilization is evil?

    Do you agree with the hierarchy of your church that embryonic stem cell research is evil?

    Do you agree with the hierarchy of your church that artificial contraception is evil?

    If you do, in fact, agree with the Vatican on those matters, you’re in league with millions of of orthodox Catholics. But millions of other Catholics disagree on one or more of those issues. Critics call those people “cafeteria Catholics” who pick and choose which teachings of the church they support.

    I might be wrong, but I’m guessing that you, too, are a cafeteria Catholic. Correct me if I’m wrong, or tell me it’s none of my business. If your response is the latter, forgive me in advance for reading a certain implication into it.

    Oh, one last thing: The question of whether you agree with the church on the issue of capital punishment can wait for another day.

  12. I am in fact a cafeteria Catholic. But you knew that.

    My wife and I disagree with the Church on the issue of contraception. And yes, you can certainly argue (as the Church does) that any form of contraception (other than natural family planning) is on the same scale as abortion ie preventing/ending a life that could have been conceived or that has been conceived (in the sense of a fertilized ovum).

    Aborting an implanted, growing fetus with clearly human features and a heartbeat is different. It is several steps down the line and all you have to do is witness a fetal ultrasound at any point after 6 weeks to understand that.

    I can certainly see why you might (and you no doubt will) call me a hypocrite, but that doesn’t change the discussion on the original topic.

    Is a human life a gift (and I believe a gift from God)? You bet it is, particularly when it is an innocent life full of endless potential.

  13. Relax, doc. I’m not calling you a hypocrite — at least not on this score. Virtually all of the Catholics I know are of the cafeteria variety (or are lapsed Catholics, as some people put it).

    If you took into account each and every position touted by the Vatican, it would be hard to find any so-called practicing Catholic who isn’t of the cafeteria variety.

    By the way, your comment about “preventing/ending a life that could have been conceived” unavoidably reminds me of the hilarious musical number “Every Sperm Is Sacred” from the Monty Python movie “The Meaning of Life.”

    Here are the lyrics:

    There are Jews in the world.
    There are Buddhists.
    There are Hindus and Mormons, and then
    There are those that follow Mohammed, but
    I’ve never been one of them.

    I’m a Roman Catholic,
    And have been since before I was born,
    And the one thing they say about Catholics is:
    They’ll take you as soon as you’re warm.

    You don’t have to be a six-footer.
    You don’t have to have a great brain.
    You don’t have to have any clothes on. You’re
    A Catholic the moment Dad came,


    Every sperm is sacred.
    Every sperm is great.
    If a sperm is wasted,
    God gets quite irate.

    Every sperm is sacred.
    Every sperm is great.
    If a sperm is wasted,
    God gets quite irate.

    Let the heathen spill theirs
    On the dusty ground.
    God shall make them pay for
    Each sperm that can’t be found.

    Every sperm is wanted.
    Every sperm is good.
    Every sperm is needed
    In your neighbourhood.

    Hindu, Taoist, Mormon,
    Spill theirs just anywhere,
    But God loves those who treat their
    Semen with more care.

    Every sperm is sacred.
    Every sperm is great.
    If a sperm is wasted,…
    …God get quite irate.

    Every sperm is sacred.
    BRIDE and GROOM:
    Every sperm is good.
    Every sperm is needed…
    …In your neighbourhood!

    Every sperm is useful.
    Every sperm is fine.
    God needs everybody’s.
    MOURNER #1:
    MOURNER #2:
    And mine!
    And mine!

    Let the Pagan spill theirs
    O’er mountain, hill, and plain.
    God shall strike them down for
    Each sperm that’s spilt in vain.

    Every sperm is sacred.
    Every sperm is good.
    Every sperm is needed
    In your neighbourhood.

    Every sperm is sacred.
    Every sperm is great.
    If a sperm is wasted,
    God gets quite iraaaaaate!

  14. Not only is it a hilarious song, it is a hilarious movie.

    That weird corporate pirate thing in the middle always falls flat, but the rest of the movie is classic.

    The sex education scene with John Cleese makes me cry every time. Perfectly played.

  15. If there is any doubt about the 1% and the politicians that run their office and our laegislative branch to benefit them and not our citizens or economy please read below

    Please read the article below to see the real truth about which parties man should be president if you think that jobs will help rebuild our economy.
    Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked an “insourcing” bill from Democrats that would have ended tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas.
    Posted: Sat, 20 Oct 2012 14:46:00 +0000

    GOP senators block Dem ‘insourcing’ bill

    By Ramsey Cox

    Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked an “insourcing” bill from Democrats that would have ended tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas.
    The Bring Jobs Home Act also would have given a tax incentives to companies that bring jobs back to the United States. The measure failed to advance on a 56-42 vote, with 60 votes needed to end debate on the bill.
    Earlier in the week, Republicans also blocked the Disclose Act, which would have required the disclosure of campaign contributions of more than $10,000.
    Republicans were considering supporting the insourcing bill until Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said he wouldn’t include any GOP amendments.
    “At a time when millions of Americans are looking for work, I’m not sure what could be more serious than protecting good-paying, middle-class jobs,” Reid said. “This obstruction tactic is unfortunate, but it’s not surprising. After all, Republicans’ nominee for president made a fortune working for a company that shipped jobs overseas.”
    The Bring Jobs Home Act would have created a new tax credit for companies that spend money to bring overseas jobs back to the United States, and eliminate a tax credit for companies that spend money to move jobs overseas.
    Under current law, companies can deduct the cost of moving people and equipment overseas from their taxes. S. 3364 would have eliminated that deduction, and created a new 20 percent tax credit for all costs associated with moving overseas jobs back to America.
    Republican Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Olympia Snowe (Maine), Dean Heller (Nev.) and Scott Brown (Mass.) voted in favor of the measure. But other Republicans called the bill “political” and “misleading.”
    “On the surface this might sound reasonable … but as far as tax policy goes this is a joke,” said ranking member of the Finance Committee Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). “It’s devoid of serious content because it is product of political rather than economic priorities.”
    Reid said the bill was very serious to those losing their jobs.
    “To 21 million Americans whose jobs could be the next ones sent to China or India, it’s a very serious proposal,” Reid said. “And to the 2.5 million Americans who jobs have already been offshored, it doesn’t get any more serious than this. The only ones who aren’t taking this legislation seriously are Republicans in Congress.”
    Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) introduced the bill as a jobs measure.
    “It’s time to stop rewarding companies that send jobs to other countries and instead support businesses creating jobs here at home,” she said.

    It’s up to us taxpaying voters to stop their profiteering and ensure our economy can be rebuilt!

  16. Come on Doc the guy’s a screwball and you know it.

  17. Harry Reid is a screwball too, as are countless other elected officials on both sides of the aisle. In fact, given the current political climate, you just might have to have a screw loose to even consider running for office.

    Now, what’s your point?

  18. Steverino: No matter how wacky any Republican gets, expdoc will conjure up some false equivalency. It’s a pathological trait of his.

  19. Expdoc: your daughter (if you have one) is raped. Becomes pregnant. You’re gonna want her to carry the product of that evil union to term? Simple question. Yes or no.

  20. I have 2 daughters and I would have to let them decide.

    It’s hard to know what I would tell them, but if you asked me now I would encourage them to have the child. Adoption would then seem like a good choice.

  21. False equivalency? Hah! You just hate to hear the truth Pat. Kind of like liberals and budgetary math facts.

  22. If God approves of rape, I am glad I am an atheist.

  23. I’m not saying that this guy’s comment is at all right, ethical or moral, but understand what he may have been trying to say. I lost my first child to SIDS. Afterward, I suffered from several miscarriages before I was diagnosed with endometriosis. My partner and I hadn’t used any form of birth control for years when I was raped one night after leaving work. I became pregnant, and we chose to keep the baby. Four years later, I had to have a hysterectomy and any chances of having another child were lost. My partner is dead now, but our daughter will be 16 years old this month. Regardless of her origins, I do consider her a gift from God, and well worth the price paid.

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