Obama ad aimed at young voters strikes conservative prudes as too suggestive

Before you watch the video below, which features actress Lena Dunham, check out THIS PIECE concerning over-reaction from some conservatives.



UPDATE: Perhaps the right-wing moralists wouldn’t be so upset about the ad above if they knew that their sainted hero, Ronald Reagan, once used his own double-entendre about the “first time.”

Back in 1980, The Washington Post quoted Reagan as telling a crowd in a working-class bar about the first time he voted Republican after years of voting Democratic. “I can tell you, it only hurts for a minute, and then it feels just great,” said Reagan.




  1. I am waiting to hear or see a youth targeted Hollywood Obama campaign video discus the issues of our economy, jobs, deficit and national security.

  2. danimal: I’m waiting for an idiot-targeted Romney ad that’s not full of lies.

  3. Don’t forget the falsifications of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Steph Cutter, Rice, Axelrod….

  4. That Obama ad is clearly tasteless and has no business in an election.

    On the other hand, this video of Meatloaf & some country stars singing “America the Beautiful” at a Romney rally does absolutely nothing to help his chances…


  5. Nef said: “this video of Meatloaf & some country stars singing”

    Oh, look! A Meatloaf and a meathead.

    We have endured 4 years of wingnuts saying Obama is un-American. Romney outsources American jobs to a communist country, puts his money in foreign banks, won’t show his tax returns, and now he tolerates some knuckleheads making fun of America’s song. Now, tell me which guy is un-American. Take off your lapel flag, Romney. You’re pathetic!!

  6. If read the information below, you will understand that the emails sent from our Consulate in Benghazi had started our military response, orders were given to stand down, our military leaders tried to help anyway, and they have now been fired by Obama, or someone just below him.

    The Full Story on Benghazi, our Military Response, Security, and Obama


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