Romney’s handlers, who like to take things out of context, could produce an Obama ad that looks like this

Mitt Romney’s first attack ad against President Obama during this election cycle came last November and dishonestly represented the words of a John McCain campaign aide as Obama’s words.

This was the first indication that the Romney were not above taking statements out of context and misrepresenting them for political gain. There have since been countless examples of such — most notably with the celebrated “you didn’t build that” stuff.

Well, now the fine folks at DailyKos have come up with an imaginary pro-Obama ad that could have been produced by Romney’s people.





  1. Sigh. Well, you’ll be out of your misery in about five days, Pat, and you’ll be able to devote your blogging powers to new theories of why Romney won. Hint: it’s not because Republicans were racists and independents were seduced by Romney’s lies, although the left will trumpet these theories as the only possible explanation.

  2. Dan F. –

    Close, but here’s the real excuses from the left in case Romney wins:

    1. Right wing voter id efforts, even if they weren’t implemented, were enough that they intimidated poor people and minorities from voting.

    2. The voting machines are owned by Romney’s sons: (I’m seeing more of this on HuffingtonCompost and Daily Kosmonaut) But as with any leftist talking points, its false:

    3. Hurricane Sandy prevented scores of people from voting (might be some truth to this, but probably not enough to sway the election)

  3. And here are the excuses from the right “WHEN” Romney loses.

    1. He shouldn’t have lied so much.

    2. He should not have picked Lyin Ryan for VP.

    3. He should have shown his tax returns.

    4. He shouldn’t have lied about Jeep.

    5. He shouldn’t have lied about letting GM go bankrupt.

    6 He shouldn’t have flip-flopped on every issue.

    7. We shouldn’t have tried voter suppression.

    8 We shouldn’t have tried to control women’s bodies.

    9. He shouldn’t have invested in Delphi to screw the taxpayers out of $15 million.

    10. He should have cared about the 47%.

    Want more?

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